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The case for withdrawal from Afghanistan, edited by Nick Turse

The case for withdrawal from Afghanistan, edited by Nick Turse
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The case for withdrawal from Afghanistan
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edited by Nick Turse
Examines the current U.S. strategy for the war in Afghanistan and offers sobering conclusions about its parallels to the British and Soviet wars in the region and reasons why it is so unlikely to succeed
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Introduction / Nick Turse -- Armageddon at the top of the world ...not!: a century of frenzy over the North-West Frontier / Juan Cole -- The familiar road to failure / Rodric Braithwaite -- Afghanistan, Gorky, and an open letter to Leonid Brezhnev, 1980 / Andrei Sakharov -- We were waging war against a people / Oleg Vasilevich Kustov -- Abolish the CIA! / Chalmers Johnson -- Mirage of the good war / Tariq Ali -- Chaos central / Chris Sands -- Meet the Afghan Army: is it a figment of Washington's imagination? / Ann Jones -- Paying off the warlords: anatomy of a culture of corruption / Pratap Chatterjee -- How the US funds the Taliban / Aram Roston -- Remember the women? / Ann Jones -- The US government has never supported democratic organizations / Elsa Rassbach interviews Zoya of the Foreign Committee of RAWA -- Going for broke: six ways the Af-Pak war is expanding / Tom Engelhardt -- The shadow war: making sense of the new CIA battlefield / Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse -- The 700 military bases of Afghanistan: black sites in the empire of bases / Nick Turse -- How hearts and minds were lost: a personal experience working with the international military / Zabih Farhad (pseudonym) -- All foreign troops must withdraw / Dominique Bari interviews Latif Pedram -- No nation can liberate another / Malalai Joya -- What Obama could learn from Gorbachev / Robert Crews -- Obama's policies make the situation worse / Graham Fuller -- The war we can't win: the limits of American power / Andrew J. Bacevich -- How to get out / Robert Dreyfuss
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