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Revolutionizing sustainability education, stories and tools of mindset transformation, edited by Ekaterina Ivanova and Isabel Rimanoczy

Revolutionizing sustainability education, stories and tools of mindset transformation, edited by Ekaterina Ivanova and Isabel Rimanoczy
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non fiction
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Revolutionizing sustainability education
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edited by Ekaterina Ivanova and Isabel Rimanoczy
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The Principles for Responsible Management Education
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stories and tools of mindset transformation
"There is growing awareness among leading responsible management scholars and practitioners that understanding global wicked problems is insufficient in effecting lasting engagement and changed behaviors. Research indicates that to impact behavior, the mindset has to shift, which leaves the question: How do you shift a mindset? This book guides educators and practitioners, their students and colleagues for taking action on finding urgent solutions for the grand challenges stated in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. A Sustainability Mindset is a way of thinking and being that results from a broad understanding of the ecosystem, from social sensitivity, and an introspective focus on our personal values and higher self, which finds its expression in actions for the greater good. By promoting a mindset shift, educators in very diverse contexts are laying the foundation for a resilient future. The book presents a collection of over 150 student voices depicting a transformative experience and shift in their mindset. Seventeen educator/student teams of contributing authors from across five continents describe in the activity that prompted those students' reflections, and the conceptual frameworks that played a role in the selection of the learning goals and activities. The book is written with academic and corporate educators, reflective practitioners, consultants, coaches, trainers and students in mind, and is invaluable in guiding the process of developing a sustainability mindset amongst participants in the training process"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover -- Endorsement Page -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of illustrations -- List of contributors -- Foreword -- Introduction -- Acknowledgments -- Part I Individual transformational experience -- Chapter 1 Just be there: The inconvenient exercise of being with oneself and doing nothing -- Chapter 2 How does emotional intelligence feel?: An exercise to cultivate self-awareness, self-regulation, perspective-taking and empathy -- Chapter 3 Transforming mindsets for resilience and growth: A reflection of an educator and her (former) students -- Chapter 4 The Quantum shift: Teaching sustainability leadership critically and mindfully -- Chapter 5 Education for sustainability: Sourcing inner qualities and capacities for transformation -- Chapter 6 LIFE: Listen. Identify. Feel. Exchange: Bringing connection through emotions to students and leaders -- Chapter 7 A semester with a tree: Meaning making and global learning contexts -- Chapter 8 "A step forward": Developing a sustainability mindset among business students using a norm-critical approach and an adaptation of the "privilege walk" -- Part II Action on the SDGs -- Chapter 9 Becoming a reflective story-teller: An empowering and transformative learning experience with AIM2Flourish -- Chapter 10 Grasping the unsustainable in sustainable entrepreneurship education -- Chapter 11 Students as change makers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals -- Chapter 12 Climate change in action: Creating innovation and increasing impact in undergraduate business curriculum design -- Chapter 13 Developing mindfulness through international immersion: Transformational learning for a complex world -- Chapter 14 Bringing the concept of poverty into closer focus using online gamesChapter 15 Developing agency: Nurturing the doing dimension through the social impact scholars program -- Chapter 16 Millennials as change makers supporting SDGs -- Chapter 17 Reimagining responsible leadership through experiential learning: MBA student accounts of engagement with non-profit organizations and their leaders -- Index
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