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The Politics of Direct Democracy, Referendums in Global Perspective, Larry LeDuc

The Politics of Direct Democracy, Referendums in Global Perspective, Larry LeDuc
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Includes bibliographical references: p. 193 - 209
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The Politics of Direct Democracy
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Larry LeDuc
"Considering its growing popularity among many political reformers, the referendum remains much understudied. This book aims to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of direct democratic institutions and devices as they have developed both in the thinking of modern political theorists and in actual political practice in the world's major democratic nations. Among the cases specifically considered are the California and Swiss models, the two Quebec sovereignty referendums, the 1999 Australian referendum on the monarchy, the 2000 Danish referendum on the Euro, Irish referendums on divorce and abortion, and the votes in Sweden on nuclear energy and European Union membership."--, Provided by publisher
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Referendums in Global Perspective
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Introduction: understanding referendums -- Referendums in democratic societies -- Theoretical, conceptual, and procedural problems -- Referendums on constitutional issues: A. Canada's 1992 Constitutional referendum. -- B. The 1993 Russian Constitutional referendum . -- C. Electoral reform in New Zealand. -- D.A Bill of Rights and a republic? The Australian Constitutional Referendums of 1988 and 1999. -- Referendums on treaties and international agreements: A. Spain's 1986 referendum on NATO. -- B. The 1992 French referendum on the Maastricht Treaty. -- C. The Nordic referendums on European Union membership. -- D. Denmark says "No" again: The 2000 referendum on the European Currency. -- Referendums on sovereignty, national self-determination, and devolution: A. The Quebec sovereignty referendums -- B. The 1991 independence referendum in Ukraine. -- C. Local Self-government for Scotland and Wales. -- D. Statehood for PUerto Rico? -- Referendums on Public Policy Issues: A. Sweden's 1980 Referendum on nuclear power -- B. Ireland's referendums on divorce and abortion -- C. The "California Model" -- D. Switzerland: government by referendum? -- Citizens, parties, and voters -- The present and future of direct democracy
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