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Multi-level governance in universities, strategy, structure, control, Jetta Frost, Fabian Hattke, Markus Reihlen, editors

Multi-level governance in universities, strategy, structure, control, Jetta Frost, Fabian Hattke, Markus Reihlen, editors
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Multi-level governance in universities
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Jetta Frost, Fabian Hattke, Markus Reihlen, editors
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Higher education dynamics ;, v. 47
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strategy, structure, control
Governing universities is a multi-level as well as a highly paradoxical endeavor. The featured studies in this book examine critically the multifaceted repercussions of changing governance logics and show how contradictory demands for scholarly peer control, market responsiveness, public policy control, and democratization create governance paradoxes. While a large body of academic literature has been focusing on the external governance of universities, this book shifts the focus on organizations' internal characteristics, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of the changing governance in universities. The book follows exigent calls for getting back to the heart of organization theory when studying organizational change and turns attention to strategies, structures, and control mechanisms as distinctive but interrelated elements of organizational designs. We take a multi-level approach to explore how universities develop strategies in order to cope with changes in their institutional environment (macro level), how universities implement these strategies in their structures and processes (meso level), and how universities design mechanisms to control the behavior of their members (micro level). As universities are highly complex knowledge-based organizations, their modus operandi, i.e. governing strategies, structures, and controls, needs to be responsive to the multiplicity of demands coming from both inside and outside the organization
Table Of Contents
Multi-level Governance in Universities: Strategy, Structure, Control / Jetta Frost, Fabian Hattke, and Markus Reihlen -- Institutional Change of European Higher Education: The Case of Post-war Germany / Markus Reihlen and Ferdinand Wenzlaff -- Academic Entrepreneurialism and Changing Governance in Universities. Evidence from Empirical Studies / Marek Kwiek -- Higher Education in the Knowledge Society: Miracle or Mirage? / Mats Alvesson and Mats Benner -- Changing Professions? The Professionalization of Management in Universities / Marie Boitier and Anne Rivière -- From Voluntary Collective Action to Organized Collaboration? The Provision of Public Goods in Pluralistic Organizations / Fabian Hattke, Steffen Blaschke, and Jetta Frost -- Universities, Governance, and Business Schools / J.-C. Spender -- Aligning Professional and Organizational Commitment in Universities: From Judgmental to Developmental Performance Management / Julia Weiherl and Jetta Frost -- Current Developments at Higher Education Institutions and Interview-based. Recommendations to Foster Work Motivation and Work Performance / Stefanie Ringelhan, Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim, and Isabell M. Welpe -- Is it Possible to Assess Progress in Science? / Isabel Bögner, Jessica Petersen, and Alfred Kieser -- When Professional and Organizational Logics Collide: Balancing Invisible and Visible Colleges in Institutional Complexity / Fabian Hattke, Rick Vogel, and Hendrik Woiwode
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