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Creating Economic Stability amid Global Uncertainty, Post-Pandemic Recovery in Mexico's Emerging Economy

Creating Economic Stability amid Global Uncertainty, Post-Pandemic Recovery in Mexico's Emerging Economy
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non fiction
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Creating Economic Stability amid Global Uncertainty
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Post-Pandemic Recovery in Mexico's Emerging Economy
Table Of Contents
Intro -- Preface -- Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Part I Human, Economic and Technological Levers -- 1 Looking Back at 2022: A Recovery or a Protracted Crisis? -- An Uncommonly Turbulent Year -- The World Economy After The Pandemic -- Supply-Side Factors as the Main Cause of Post-COVID-19 Inflation -- Ineffectiveness of Restrictive Monetary Policy -- Unintended Consequences of Restrictive Monetary Policy -- The Role of Central Banks and Monetary Base Expansion -- The Weakening Recovery and the Uncertain Outlook for 2023 -- Overview of This Book -- References -- 2 The Effects of Flexible Workspace on Organizational Structure and Inequality: An Equilibrium Analysis -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- The Model Set up -- The Equilibrium of the Model -- The Equilibrium Wage Function -- Assignment and Market Clearing Conditions -- Compensations and Self-Selection -- Comparative Statics -- Discussion of the Results and Conclusions -- Appendix -- References -- 3 Harnessing Middle Management Innovation for Business Recovery -- Introduction -- Theory Development -- Middle Management as a Resource -- Individual Behaviors and Innovative Outcomes -- Middle Managers' Innovative Behavior and Organizational Innovativeness -- Proposition Development -- Moderating Influence of the Regional Institutional Environment -- Research Implications -- Conclusion -- References -- 4 Co-Creating Value Through People-Centered Leadership: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Crisis -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Adhocracy in the Context of Organizational Design and Leadership -- Adhocracy Characteristics -- Decision-Making in an Adhocracy -- Adhocracy as an Alternative Leadership Style -- COVID-19 Lockdown Effects on Work Dynamics -- Work Dynamics Post-COVID-19 Lockdown -- Person-Centered LeadershipAdhocracy in a Post-COVID-19 Lockdown World -- Model Analysis and Discussion -- Concluding Remarks -- Future Research Directions -- References -- 5 COVID-19: An Opportunity to Explore Hybrid Work -- Working from Home and Other Working Arrangements: The Evolution -- The Covid-19 Pandemic, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Hybrid Work -- Hybrid Work and the Pursuit of Balance -- Freedom or Slavery in Hybrid Work: The Flexibility Trap -- Hybrid Work: Intersecting Organizational and Family Expectations -- Technology, a Key Element of Hybrid Work -- Conclusion: The Need for Plasticity in Work Schemes -- References -- Part II Lever Deployment in an Emergent Economy -- 6 VAT Elasticities on Imports as a Lever to Forecast Collection: Mexico 2010-2021 -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Economic Analysis -- The Data -- Order of Integration and Control Variables -- Estimates and Results -- Conclusions -- References -- 7 Employment, Gender Gap, and the Mexican Industry: The Effect of COVID-19 on the Dynamic Structure and Recovery in the Labor Market -- Introduction -- Theoretical Framework -- The Labor Market, Productivity, and the Economy: The Model -- Industrial Employment, Gender Gap, and the COVID-19 Crisis: The Evidence -- Empirical Strategy -- Data -- Econometric Specification -- Estimation and Results -- Time Series Identification and Decomposition -- Unit Root Test and Selection Criterion Optimal Lags -- Employment Segment IRF's Analysis -- Discussion -- Impact on Employment Sectors and Gender -- Conclusions -- Annex -- References -- 8 Access to Microfinance for Social Mobility in Mexico -- Introduction -- The Income and Expenditure of Households in Mexico in the Face of Covid-19 -- Measuring Social Mobility Using Household Assets -- Social Mobility in Mexico -- Microfinance and Household Assets -- Microcredits in MexicoA Proposal for Promoting Social Mobility Through Microcredits for Household Assets -- Conclusion -- References -- 9 Leveraging Strategic Planning to Navigate Volatile Environments -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Strategic Planning as a Cyclical Process -- Marketing Strategy Responses to the Pandemic -- Brand Promise Delivery Marketing Strategy -- Updated Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) Marketing Strategy -- Hypotheses Justification -- Research Methodology -- Measurement Scales -- Data Analysis -- Model Estimation and Results -- Discussion -- Limitations and Managerial Applications -- Appendix: Survey Scales -- References -- 10 Knowledge Management and Innovation in the Furniture Industry in Mexico -- Introduction -- Theoretical Framework -- Knowledge and Learning Processes for Innovation and Competitively -- Characterization of the Furniture Industry in Mexico -- Materials and Methods -- Model Evaluation: Sensitivity Analysis -- Results and Discussion -- Sensitivity Analysis -- Discussion -- Conclusions -- References -- Index

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