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Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions of Switzerland

Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions of Switzerland
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Enhancing Innovation in Rural Regions of Switzerland
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OECD Rural Studies
In contrast to falling rates in low density peri-urban and rural remote areas, high density peri-urban areas in Switzerland recorded double the rate of labour productivity growth than the national average. This report examines the Swiss regional innovation system and how it can boost productivity growth in rural regions by enhancing innovation
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Intro -- Foreword -- Acknowledgements -- Abbreviations and acronyms -- Executive summary -- A new vision for innovation in rural regions of Switzerland -- Switzerland has a competitive environment and is a leader in innovation, yet disparities between regions still exist -- Policies for innovation in rural regions need to reflect their size and structure -- Innovation has a larger potential for promoting productivity and well-being in rural regions of Switzerland… -- … with gains to be made through innovation, including in the agri-food sector -- Many of the challenges for firms to innovate in rural regions are related to demographic change… -- … to address these issues, regional innovation system partners must consider demographically targeted programmes for delivering entrepreneurship and innovation support services, including for women, youth and older workers -- References -- 1 Assessment and recommendations -- Assessment -- Switzerland is one of the leading OECD countries, systematically performing highly on innovation -- yet, some areas within Switzerland still face acute challenges -- The size and structure of the economy matter for how firms innovate in rural regions -- There is a strong level of entrepreneurship and competition in Switzerland -- Research and development (R&amp -- D) activities gain importance in non-metropolitan areas -- Activating female, young and older workers can help mobilise untapped potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in rural labour markets -- How is Switzerland supporting innovation in rural places? -- Recommendations -- Policy design -- Building a culture of experimentation -- Monitoring and evaluation -- Co-ordination -- Enabling conditions: Access to services -- Demographic change -- Climate change -- Special focus: Agri-food innovation -- References -- Notes2 Understanding innovation in rural Switzerland -- Structure of rural areas in Switzerland -- Defining rural Switzerland -- Understanding economic activities and rural well-being in Switzerland -- Targeting programmes to SMEs in non-metropolitan regions -- Innovation in Switzerland -- Entrepreneurship rates are strong in Switzerland -- Product and process innovation in Switzerland -- Spending, jobs and firms in R&amp -- D -- Promoting equality and adapting to demographic change -- Productivity and regional inequalities in Switzerland -- Anticipating demographic change: Younger and older workers -- References -- Notes -- 3 National, regional and local policy framework conditions for rural innovation in Switzerland -- Switzerland's decentralised innovation system -- Institutional context -- Federal level -- Subnational level -- The NRP and its role in supporting rural innovation in Switzerland -- While the NRP is rural and peri-urban focused, the RIS can improve in delivering for all rural areas -- Shaping a future-proof vision for innovation that works for Swiss territories, including rural areas -- Broadening the concept of innovation -- Future-proofing the innovation agendas -- Future-proofing the innovation agendas: Focus on demography -- Future-proofing the innovation agendas: Focus on climate change -- Building a culture for experimentation -- Building more reactiveness and inclusiveness in monitoring and evaluation practices: Improving evidence on support for rural SMEs and entrepreneurs -- Increasing and simplifying access to services offered by the RIS through the digitalisation of public services and an online "one-stop-shop" for entrepreneurship support -- Promoting innovation through networks: Fostering rural-urban linkages -- Ensuring policy coherence for rural-urban linkages -- Fostering university-industry partnerships in rural regionsCo-ordination for addressing shortages in labour skill supply -- References -- Notes -- 4 The agricultural innovation system in Switzerland -- Scene-setting for the Swiss AIS -- Actors and funding of the Swiss AIS -- Actors in the AIS -- R&amp -- D institutes -- Vocational training -- Advisory services -- Farmers and farmer organisations -- Agroindustry -- Networks -- Funding of the AIS -- International co-operation in food and agricultural R&amp -- D -- Agricultural policies in Switzerland -- Specific Swiss initiatives that foster agri-food innovation -- R&amp -- D projects -- Agri-food Innovation hubs -- Intellectual property rights (IPRs) for biological innovations -- Publications outcomes -- Institutional co-ordination: RIS, the FOAG and cantonal offices -- References -- Annexes -- Annex A. OECD recommendations to improve agricultural innovation systems -- Improving governance of agricultural innovation systems is key -- Strengthen linkages within the national innovation system to increase efficiency and responsiveness to needs -- Strengthen private contribution to R&amp -- D and innovation for food and agriculture to increase the impact -- Facilitate international R&amp -- D co-operation -- Strengthen farm advisory systems to facilitate adoption -- Facilitate knowledge sharing and information dissemination -- Reference -- Annex B. Additional figures
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