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Education at a Glance: Analysis, 1997

Education at a Glance: Analysis, 1997
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Education at a Glance: Analysis, 1997
Nature of contents
Education Policy Analysis 1997 is the companion volume to the OECD's 1997 collection of international education indicators -- Education at a Glance - OECD Indicators. It aims to deepen the analysis of current policy issues and facilitate interpretation of data, using selected indicators of particular relevance to the policy questions under examination. The five chapters analyse topics of concern to a broad audience: costs and expenditures, the stock of human capital available to OECD economies, the literacy performance of adults in 12 countries, educational failure and success, and the efficiency and effectiveness of tertiary institutions in responding to new interests and needs of learners
Table Of Contents
Introduction: Making Educational Investment Effective -- Chapter 1. Expenditures on Education -- Chapter 2. Lifelong Investment in Human Capital -- Chapter 3. Literacy Skills: Use Them or Lose Them -- Chapter 4. Failure at School: Patterns and Responses -- Chapter 5. Responding to New Demand in Tertiary Education
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