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Intelligence Security in the European Union, Building a Strategic Intelligence Community, by Artur Gruszczak

Intelligence Security in the European Union, Building a Strategic Intelligence Community, by Artur Gruszczak
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Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index
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non fiction
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Intelligence Security in the European Union
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by Artur Gruszczak
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New Security Challenges,, 2731-0329
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Building a Strategic Intelligence Community
This book investigates the emergence of an EU strategic intelligence community as a complex multi-dimensional networked construction. It examines the constitution, structure and performance of EU intelligence arrangements as part of security policies of the European Union.  Intelligence security has become a remarkable feature of the European integration processes. This study assess the ability of EU Member States, as well as relevant institutions and agencies, to develop effective, legitimate and accountable institutions and mechanisms for collection, transmission, processing and exchange of intelligence. In this regard, synergy is a key indicator that validates the ability to create the European strategic intelligence community in the EU’s legal and institutional framework. This groundbreaking project constructs a comprehensive model of the intelligence community as a distorted epistemic community tailored to singularities of EU security policies and systemic arrangements provided by EU institutions and agencies
Table Of Contents
Acknowledgements -- List of abbreviations -- Introduction -- Problem outline -- Chapter 1. Strategic intelligence community -- Chapter 2. Intelligence tradecraft in the European Union -- Chapter 3. Military intelligence in the EU -- Chapter 4. Situational intelligence and early warning -- Chapter 5. Socio-cultural intelligence in the EU -- Chapter 6. Criminal intelligence in the EU -- Chapter 7. External dimensions of EU intelligence co-operation -- Chapter 8. Network synergies in the EU intelligence community -- Chapter 9. EU intelligence oversight -- Conclusions: The maturing EU intelligence community -- Endnotes -- References -- Index
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