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Arbitration in the digital age, the brave new world of arbitration, edited by Maud Piers, Christian Aschauer.

Arbitration in the digital age, the brave new world of arbitration, edited by Maud Piers, Christian Aschauer.
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Arbitration in the digital age
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edited by Maud Piers, Christian Aschauer.
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the brave new world of arbitration
Arbitration in the Digital Age analyses how technology can be efficiently and legitimately used to further sound arbitration proceedings. The contributions, from a variety of arbitration scholars, report on current developments, predict future trends, and assesses their impact from a practical, legal, and technical point of view. The book also discusses the relationship between arbitration and the Internet and analyses how social media can affect arbitrators and counsel's behaviour. Furthermore, it analyses the validity of electronic arbitration and awards, as well as Online Arbitration (OArb). The volume establishes, on a very practical level, how technology could be used by arbitration institutions, arbitrators, parties to an arbitration and counsel. This book will be of special interest to arbitrators and lawyers involved in international commercial arbitration
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Cover -- Half title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Foreword -- Introduction -- 1 Survey on the Present Use of ICT in International Arbitration -- Part I The Use of Technology in International Arbitration -- 2 Revolutionizing Technologies and the Use of Technology in International Arbitration: Innovation, Legitimacy, Prospects and Challenges -- 3 The Security and Reliability of Electronic Communication: With a Critical Note on the Human Factor -- 4 Case Study: The Institutional Perspective -- 5 Case Study: The Legislator's Perspective -- 6 Case Study: The Practitioner's Perspective -- Part II Arbitration, Arbitrators, Counsel and the Internet -- 7 E-Arbitration Agreements and E-Awards: Arbitration Agreements Concluded in an Electronic Environment and Digital Arbitral Awards -- 8 Building on OArb Attributes in Pursuit of Justice -- 9 Legislating for an Effective and Legitimate System of Online Consumer Arbitration -- 10 Arbitrators and Their Online Identity -- 11 How Online Sources Affect Counsel Strategies and Behavior in Arbitration -- 12 Conclusion -- Index
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