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Beyond liberalism, toward a purpose-guided democracy, Michael K. Briand

Beyond liberalism, toward a purpose-guided democracy, Michael K. Briand
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Beyond liberalism
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Michael K. Briand
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toward a purpose-guided democracy
This book shows how the United States can begin dealing with the most difficult and intractable political issues that afflict liberal democracy today: by initiating an inclusive public practice of ethical dialogue and deliberation. Beyond Liberalism argues that there is a flaw in liberalism: the doctrine of individualism. Specifically, the defect consists in two distinct ideas: "atomism" and "subjectivism." These ideas underpin the "principle of freedom," which is our default method for making personal choices and resolving interpersonal disagreements but contains no standard for determining what might be worth doing, and hence no criteria for assigning relative priority to values in conflict. Objective ethical judgments can be achieved, however, if we understand that, insofar as they support the fulfillment of empirically identified human needs, statements about good and bad are propositions of a factual nature. A conception of the good for human beings is implicit in the fulfillment of those needs. To articulate that conception, we need a constructive, productive public practice of ethical dialogue and deliberation. To build such a practice will require what amounts to a life of "ethical heroism." This book seeks to encourage that sort of life
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Preface Introduction: Saving Liberal Democracy from Itself ONE Individualism versus Individuality TWO Interference, Independence, and What's Worth Doing THREE Autonomy FOUR Freedom, Rights, and Conflicts between Values FIVE Ethics and Rules SIX Exploring Consequences SEVEN The Ethical Point of View EIGHT Objective Ethics: The Good NINE Objective Ethics: The Right TEN Negotiating Ethically ELEVEN Why Think Ethically? TWELVE Ethical Heroism Afterword Notes Bibliography Index
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