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Paradigm shift in education, towards the third wave of effectiveness, Yin Cheong Cheng

Paradigm shift in education, towards the third wave of effectiveness, Yin Cheong Cheng
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Paradigm shift in education
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Yin Cheong Cheng
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Routledge research in education
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towards the third wave of effectiveness
As social contexts and demands change in the 21st century, pedagogies and policies must adapt to keep up. Increasing emphasis on global preparedness, competitivity, and holistic education alongside a fast-paced, ever-changing environment may make policy implementation difficult. However, Cheng asserts that it is only by understanding the current trends, visions, and issues in education policy, implementation, and research that we can reflect, adapt, and improve future initiatives. To that end, Cheng elucidates the different paradigm shifts in classrooms and pedagogy all over the world. In his exploration of third-wave paradigm shifts in education, he charts the rationales, concerns, and effects in topics such as contextualized multiple intelligences, integrated learning, national education in globalization, teacher effectiveness and development, school-based management, and systemic education reform. This book is a promising referential resource for any policy-maker, academic, and educator who knows that the only way to progress is to look at and learn from the current issues and future trends globally
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Preface -- Paradigm shift -- Paradigm shift in education -- Theory of contextualized multiple thinking -- Integrated learning for effectiveness and creativity -- Towards the third wave -- National education in globalization -- Multiple school functions and effectiveness -- Multiple teacher effectiveness -- School autonomy -- Theory of school-based management and its new vision -- School-based management for paradigm shift and effectiveness -- Autonomy and leadership for learning -- Reform for future effectiveness -- Multiple dilemmas in education reforms -- Impacts of systemic education reforms
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