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Educational trauma, examples from testing to the school-to-prison pipeline, Lee-Anne Gray

Educational trauma, examples from testing to the school-to-prison pipeline, Lee-Anne Gray
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Educational trauma
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Lee-Anne Gray
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examples from testing to the school-to-prison pipeline
This book deconstructs and analyzes the impact of education-based trauma. Drawing on wisdom from the fields of education, psychology, neuroscience, history, political science, social justice, and philosophy, Gray connects the dots across different forms of education trauma that can occur throughout a student’s life: from bullying and anxiety to social inequity and the school-to-prison pipeline. With respect to learning, memory, social group dynamics, democracy, and mental health, this book serves as a call-to-arms, demanding civil rights for all students and for education to fulfill its ultimate duty as a force for the common good
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction -- 2. Educational Trauma -- 3. The State of Educational Affairs -- 4. Trauma, Learning, and Memory -- 5. The Effects of Trauma on Learning -- 6. How poisonous is the pedagogy? -- 7. Social Ecology: How Poisonous Pedagogy Sickens Students and Society -- 8. PLAY -- 9. Sexual and Gender/Puberty/Health Education -- 10. Homework: Trauma for Students, Parents, Families, Teachers, and communities -- 11. Standardized testing -- 12. Value Added Models and Other Forms of Teacher Abuse -- 13. Special and gifted education -- 14. Bullying -- 15. Corporal Punishment in Schools -- 16. Higher Education: Where Educational Trauma begins and is perpetuated -- 17. Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and chemical restraints -- 18. The School-to-Prison Pipeline -- 19. Strategies for Mitigating Educational Trauma -- 20. Conclusion
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