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OECD science, technology and industry scoreboard 2007, innovation and performance in the global economy

OECD science, technology and industry scoreboard 2007, innovation and performance in the global economy
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OECD science, technology and industry scoreboard 2007
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OECD Science, Technology, & Industry
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innovation and performance in the global economy
This eighth edition of the Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard explores recent developments in matters relating to science, technology, globalisation and industrial performance of OECD and major non OECD countries (notably Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). It brings together over 200 figures, many of which are new to this edition, to help examine emerging policy issues including: the international mobility of researchers and scientists, the growth of the information economy, innovation by regions and industries, innovation strategies by companies, the internationalisatio
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CONTENTS; Executive Summary; Highlights; A. R&D and investment in knowledge; A.1. Investment in knowledge; A.2. Trends in domestic R&D expenditure; A.3. R&D financing and performance; A.4. R&D in non-OECD economies; A.5. Business R&D; A.6. Business R&D by size classes of firms; A.7. Business R&D by industry; A.8. Health-related R&D; A.9. Venture capital; B. Human resources in S&T; B.1. New university graduates; B.2. Foreign and international doctoral students; B.3. S&E doctorates awarded and postdoctorate appointments to foreigncitizens in the United StatesB.4. Employment of tertiary-level graduatesB.5. Human resources in science and technology; B.6. International mobility of the highly skilled; B.7. R&D personnel; B.8. Researchers; B.9. Foreign scholars in the United States; B.10. Human resources in S&T in non-OECD economies; B.11. Employment of HRST by industry; B.12. Earnings by educational level; C. Innovation policy; C.1. Public-private cross-funding of R&D; C.2. Government R&D budgets; C.3. Tax treatment of R&D; C.4. Patenting by universities and government; C.5. Collaboration with public research organisations by innovating firmsC.6. Science linkages in technologyC.7. Entrepreneurship; D. Innovation performance; D.1. Triadic patent families; D.2. Patent intensity; D.3. Regional patenting; D.4. Patenting by industry; D.5. Scientific articles; D.6. Innovation within companies; D.7. Innovation and economic performance; D.8. Non-technological innovation; E. ICT; E.1. Investment in ICT equipment and software; E.2. Telecommunications networks; E.3. Internet subscribers and hosts; E.4. Broadband and security; E.5. ICT access by households; E.6. Internet use by individuals; E.7. Internet access and use by businessesE.8. Internet access and use in non-OECD economiesE.9. Volume of electronic commerce; E.10. Internet commerce activity; E.11. Telecommunications pricing; E.12. Occupations and skills in the information economy; E.13a.International trade in ICT goods; E.13b.International trade in ICT goods in non-OECD economies; E.14. R&D in selected ICT industries; E.15. ICT-related patents; F. Particular technologies; F.1. Biotechnology firms; F.2. Biotechnology R&D; F.3. Public-sector biotechnology R&D; F.4. Biotechnology applications; F.5. Bioscience; F.6. Biotechnology patents; F.7. NanoscienceF.8. Nanotechnology patentsF.9. Environmental science; F.10. Patents in environment-related technologies; G. Internationalisation of S&T; G.1. Foreign ownership of domestic inventions; G.2. Domestic ownership of inventions made abroad; G.3. International co-operation in research; G.4. Sources of R&D funding from abroad; G.5. International collaboration in science; G.6. Internationalisation of R&D; G.7. Foreign collaboration on innovation; H. Global economic flows; H.1. Trends in international trade and investment flows; H.2. International trade; H.3. Intra-firm tradeH.4. Foreign direct investment flows
Science, technique et industrie, tableau de bord de l'OCDE 2007Innovation and performance in the global economy
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