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Industrial location and vitalization of regional economy, Toshiharu Ishikawa and Daisuke Nakamura

Industrial location and vitalization of regional economy, Toshiharu Ishikawa and Daisuke Nakamura
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Industrial location and vitalization of regional economy
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Toshiharu Ishikawa and Daisuke Nakamura
This book explains the roles of the industrial location in vitalizing regional economies in various economic environments created due to the progress of globalization. Here, this book elucidates the impact of industrial location and locational factors on regional economies. It clarifies the effects on industrial location of regulations and corporate tax. And the book explains the regional economic influence of the employment and agglomeration that are factors influencing the location. It also focuses on some countries and examines the relationships between the industrial location and the vitalization of regional economy in each country. This analysis covers the automotive and high-tech industries in the northeastern region of China, the impact of urban systems on regional development in the Philippines, and firms in revitalization in the northern region of Sweden. And it reveals achievements and challenges in each region. Finally, the book clarifies that the level of achievement in regional development is related to the educational environment. It also suggests that the industrial composition of a region is influenced by the level of regional cooperation with other regions. The analyses in the book show that a region must select the industries that match its newly emerged regional characteristics for vitalization
Table Of Contents
The effect of regulation on a dominant firm to protect fringe firms in a local market -- Corporate taxation and regional economic development in Japan: A panel analysis of prefectural-level data -- Economies of scale and culmulative causation -- Firms' human resource management for local economy wellbeing -- The influence of co-agglomeration of producer services and manufacturing on urban total factor productivity in China -- The green industry of northern Sweden -Will the boom also build growth -- Revitalization and the economy of northeast China -- The structure and evolution of city system in the Philippines -- Roles of education in expenditure inequality between urban and rural Areas: Indonesia, the Philippines, and India -- Examination of regional production activity using city system and regional connection indexes

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