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Generation impact, how next gen donors are revolutionizing giving, Sharna Goldseker, Michael Moody

Generation impact, how next gen donors are revolutionizing giving, Sharna Goldseker, Michael Moody
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Generation impact
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Sharna Goldseker, Michael Moody
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how next gen donors are revolutionizing giving
"When Generation Impact was first published in October of 2017, we said we wanted to "pull back the curtain" to reveal the aspirations and inclinations of the next generation of major donors - a group with unprecedented resources and ardent ambitions that we predicted would become the most significant philanthropists ever. While many had written and talked about these donors, and most believed they needed to understand them better, few had talked with them. Our research was the first of its kind to listen to next gen donors and report in their own words why and how they want to give, as well as where they plan to take philanthropy in the future"--, Provided by publisher
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Intro -- TABLE OF CONTENTS -- PREFACE TO THE UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION -- What Does Generation Impact Mean by Impact? -- What Are the Differences Between Inheritors and Earners? -- Do These Donors Realize How Difficult They Can Be for Nonprofits? Are They Really Worth the Effort? -- What Has Changed in the Last Few Years? -- Notes -- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -- CHAPTER 1: Introduction: The Most Significant Philanthropists Ever -- Big Donors, Big Impact -- The New Golden Age of Giving -- The Coming Impact Revolution -- Who Are These Gen Xers and Millennials? -- In Their Own Words -- Using This Book -- Notes -- PART ONE: The Impact Revolution -- CHAPTER 2: Show Me the Impact -- Impact Obsession -- Moving the Needle -- The Power of Seeing -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 3: Changing Strategies for a New Golden Age -- Passionate about Strategy -- Same Issues, Bigger Impact -- Strategies for Success -- Give Local-But Differently -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 4: Why Not Innovate? -- Excited about Innovation, Okay with Blurriness -- The New Tool Belt -- Using Every Tool for Impact -- Aspirational Innovators -- Being Unreasonable to Do Something Extraordinary -- Taking Risks and Failing Forward -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- PART TWO: Going All In -- CHAPTER 5: The "Do Something" Generation -- Get Out There and Do It -- Looking for a Real Relationship -- With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility -- Engaged Donors Are Bigger, Better Donors -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 6: More Than an ATM -- Valuing Me for Me -- More Than a Party Planner -- The Value of Talent -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 7: Inspirational Peer Pressure -- Transformation Not Transaction -- Filling the Learning Gap -- A Little Inspiration -- Peer Giving Is Strategic Giving -- What Does This Mean? -- NotesPART THREE: Respectful Revolutionaries -- CHAPTER 8: Living Values Seamlessly -- Values, Not Valuables -- Origins, Where the Values Come From -- A Delicate Balance -- Living Seamlessly and Managing Up -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 9: On the Shoulders of Giants -- The Importance of the Family Narrative -- Learning Your Past to Shape Your Future -- Taking Stewardship to the Next Level -- Balance Takes Many Forms -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 10: Fielding a Multigenerational Team -- A New Multigenerational Landscape -- Know-How and Know-Who -- Building Peerage, Not Adding a Kids' Table -- Respecting Generational Personalities -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 11: Next Gen Philanthropic Identity -- The Importance of Becoming -- The Difficulty of the Launch -- Breaking Norms: Next Gen Are Now Gen -- What Does This Mean? -- Notes -- CHAPTER 12: CHAPTER 12Conclusion: Making the Most of the Golden Age of GivingConclusion: Making the Most of the Golden Age of Giving -- The Coming Revolution -- Will the Golden Age Really Be Golden? -- Seek Transformation Not Transaction -- Use Your Power for Good -- The Next Gen Are the Now Gen -- Notes -- BEST PRACTICES FOR ENGAGING GENERATION IMPACT -- Ready for the New Normal? Engaging the Most Significant Philanthropists Ever -- How to Use These Guides -- APPENDIX A: Best Practices for Nonprofits and Fundraisers -- Introduction -- BEST PRACTICE #1: Don't wait. Start engaging next gen donors today so you have the chance for long-term partnerships. -- BEST PRACTICE #2: Build relationships with the individual. Avoid the common perception that any next gen donor is just an ATM or the "child of so-and-so." -- BEST PRACTICE #3: Engage next gen donors around their values first. And proactively help your older donors talk values and legacy with their next gen family membersBEST PRACTICE #4: Find creative and meaningful ways to show next gen donors the impact of your work. -- BEST PRACTICE #5: If you are a large organization, find ways to make yourself seem smaller. -- BEST PRACTICE #6: Be more transparent and candid-even if that takes you out of your comfort zone. -- BEST PRACTICE #7: Be open to the new, even the risky, and work sincerely with next gen donors with new ideas. -- BEST PRACTICE #8: Provide next gen donors with meaningful opportunities for learning and engagement, especially hands-on experiences and peer learning. -- BEST PRACTICE #9: Help next gen donors go "all in" for your cause, giving all their assets, including time, talent, and ties. -- BEST PRACTICE #10: Build and embrace a truly multigenerational team on your board, taking advantage of having both rookies and veterans. -- Next Steps -- APPENDIX B: Best Practices for Families -- Introduction -- BEST PRACTICE #1: Start early. Give your next gen opportunities to give, and to observe the family's giving, from a young age. -- BEST PRACTICE #2: Move your next gen from the "kids' table" sooner, not later. Embrace the multigenerational family team. -- BEST PRACTICE #3: Show your next gen the impact of the family's giving. -- BEST PRACTICE #4: Talk about your values and ask your next gen about theirs. You will find shared ones. -- BEST PRACTICE #5: Help next gen donors find their place in the family's legacy of giving. -- BEST PRACTICE #6: Listen to your next gen's ideas, especially about strategy and innovation. -- BEST PRACTICE #7: Help your next gen give their time and talent to a cause or organization. When possible, give yours alongside them. -- BEST PRACTICE #8: Help next gen donors leverage their ties as well. -- Next Steps -- Notes -- APPENDIX C: Best Practices for Advisors -- IntroductionBEST PRACTICE #1: Proactively learn who your next generation of your clients are, and what they want. -- BEST PRACTICE #2: Don't wait! Start building real relationships with the next generation now. -- BEST PRACTICE #3: Ask next gen donors about their values and help them find alignment. -- BEST PRACTICE #4: Help next gen donors find their place in their family's story and legacy. -- BEST PRACTICE #5: Be a source of learning. -- BEST PRACTICE #6: Be a connector. Help next gen donors learn and give with their peers. -- BEST PRACTICES #7: Give next gen donors opportunities for impact investing. -- Next Steps -- Notes -- APPENDIX D: Discussion Guide -- How to Use This Guide -- CHAPTER 1: Introduction: The Most Significant Philanthropists Ever -- PART One: The Impact Revolution -- PART Two: Going All In -- PART Three: Respectful Revolutionaries -- CHAPTER 12: Conclusion: Making the Most of the Golden Age of Giving -- APPENDIX E: Methods and Data -- Data Collection and Analysis -- Characteristics of the Sample -- Current Limitations and Future Research -- Notes -- ABOUT THE AUTHORS -- INDEX -- END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT
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