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The new public governance?, emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance, edited by Stephen P. Osborne

The new public governance?, emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance, edited by Stephen P. Osborne
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The new public governance?
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edited by Stephen P. Osborne
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emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance
'The New Public Governance?' represents a comprehensive analysis of the state of the art of public management and examines, opens up and frames the debate in this important area
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction : the (New) Public governance : a suitable case for treatment? / Stephen P. Osborne -- 2. Global perspectives on governance / Patricia Kennett -- 3. Meta-governance and public management / B. Guy Peters -- 4. Innovations in governance / Mark Moore and Jean Hartley -- 5. Governance and governability / Jan Kooiman -- 6. Does governance exist? / Owen Hughes -- 7. What endures? : public governance and the cycle of reform / Laurence E. Lynn, Jr. -- 8. Theory of organizational partnerships : partnership advantages, disadvantages and success factors / Ronald W. McQuaid -- 9. Public-private partnerships and public governance challenges / Carsten Greve and Graeme Hodge -- 10. Introducing the theory of collaborative advantage / Siv Vangen and Chris Huxham -- 11. Relationship marketing, relational capital and the governance of public services delivery / Stephen P. Osborne, Kate McLaughlin and Celine Chew -- 12. Leading across frontiers : how visionary leaders integrate people, processes, structures and resources / Barbara C. Crosby, John M. Bryson and Melissa M. Stone -- 13. Public governance and the third sector : opportunities for co-production and innovation? / Victor Pestoff and Taco Brandsen -- 14. Governance, contract management and public management / Donald F. Kettl -- 15. Governance of outsourcing and contractual relationships / Federica Farneti, Emanuele Padovani and David W. Young -- 16. governance of contracting relationships : "killing the golden goose" : a third-sector perspective / Steven Rathgeb Smith and Judith Smyth -- 17. Trust in governance networks : looking for conditions for innovative solutions and outcomes / Erik_Hans Klijn -- 18. Implementation and managerial networking in the New Public Governance / Laurence J. O'Toole, Jr. and Kenneth J. Meier -- 19. From new public management to networked community governance? : strategic local public service networks in England / Steve Martin -- 20. Policy networks : theory and practice / Tobias Jung -- 21. Policy networks in practice : the debate on the future of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol / Menno Huys and Joop Koppenjan -- 22. Governance, networks and policy change : the case of cannabis in the United Kingdom / Beatriz Acevedo and Richard Common -- 23. Conclusions : public governance and public services delivery : a research agenda for the future / Stephen P. Osborne
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