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Drone Law and Policy, Integration into the Legal Order of Civil Aviation

Drone Law and Policy, Integration into the Legal Order of Civil Aviation
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non fiction
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Drone Law and Policy
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Integration into the Legal Order of Civil Aviation
The use of unmanned aircrafts, commonly known as drones, is developing at a fast pace worldwide. Drones are extremely versatile and capable of performing a wide variety of applications. However, applicable regulations are still lagging behind in technological progress and volume growth. The authors provide an in-depth study on prevailing drone law and policy in order to achieve a seamless integration of drone technology into the legal order of civil aviation. The drone market largely depends on the successful implementation of such a comprehensive international regulatory framework that will allow for safe, secure and environmentally friendly operations, while technologies must be mature enough to ensure full integration of drones into non-segregated airspace in the foreseeable future. Monitoring, evaluating and analysing drone operations is a continuous and systematic process, generating knowledge and best practices, also for streamlining such an all-encompassing regulatory framework
Table Of Contents
Acronyms and abbreviations -- Introduction -- Chapter 1. The development of drones -- Chapter 2. Legal basis for drone operations -- Chapter 3/ Commercial, private and sports use -- Chapter 4. Integration into airspace -- Chapter 5. Safety requirements in UAS operations -- Chapter 6. Privacy, data protection and security -- Summary -- About the authors -- Index
Drone Law and Policy