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Supporting learning across working life, models, processes and practices, Stephen Billett, Darryl Dymock, Sarojni Choy, editors

Supporting learning across working life, models, processes and practices, Stephen Billett, Darryl Dymock, Sarojni Choy, editors
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Supporting learning across working life
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Stephen Billett, Darryl Dymock, Sarojni Choy, editors
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Professional and practice-based learning ;, 16
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models, processes and practices
This volume considers, rethinks and reorganizes how support for learning across working life can be best conceptualized, organized and enacted. It considers educational and learning support processes that include approaches that fit well within working lives and workplaces, and support work and learning as a co-occurrence. These are the key focuses for individual and collective contributions to this edited volume, which provide discussions about what constitutes learning across working lives and how this differs from lifelong learning and lifelong education. Accounts of learning across the working lives of social workers, doctors working in hospitals and in general practice, teaching, aviation, nursing, mining, aged care and more. These accounts advance a range of ways in which workers' learning across working lives is being supported and how this support is also linked to other changes, such as to the occupational practice in which they engage
Table Of Contents
Section 1 -- Supporting learning across working life -- 1. Conceptualizing learning across working life, provisions of support and purposes -- Section 2 -- Models, processes and practices for supporting lengthening working lives internationally -- 2. Employee strategies in organizing professional development -- 3. Learning to work together through talk: Continuing professional development in medicine -- 4. Organizing for deliberate practice through workplace reflection -- 5. A sociocultural model for mid-career post-secondary teacher professional learning -- 6. Driving forces of welfare innovation: Explaining interrelations between innovation and professional development -- 7. On nurses' learning from errors at work -- 8. Sustaining and transforming the practice of communities: Developing professionals' working practices -- 9. Models for and practice of continuous professional development for airline pilots: What we can learn from one regional airline -- 10. Learning at the frontier: the experiences of single handed general practitioners -- Section 3 -- Towards a national model of continuing education and training: an Australian case study -- 11. Continuing Education and Training: Needs, models and approaches -- 12. Workers' perspectives and preferences for learning across working life -- 13. The critical role of workplace managers in continuing education and training -- 14. Towards a national continuing education and training system -- Section 4: Learning across working life -- 15. Conceptions, purposes and processes of ongoing learning across working life
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