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Republic of Moldova :, Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions

Republic of Moldova :, Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions
This paper presents Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions focusing on Moldova. Governance in the banking system remains poor and the condition of some large banks is fragile. The budget faces a tight financing situation, and—without corrective measures—the deficit is projected to widen significantly in 2015. Russia’s new restrictions on imports from Moldova are exacerbating the ongoing slowdown in activity, easing inflationary pressures, and weakening export performance. Discussions mainly focused on policies to address the significant risks in the banking sector, return to a path of fiscal consolidation, and boost potential growth and preserve external stability
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Republic of Moldova :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions
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Cover; CONTENTS; CONTEXT; RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND OUTLOOK; POLICY DISCUSSIONS; A. Financial Sector Policy; BOXES; 1. Key Recommendations of the FSAP; 2. Improving the Transparency of Banks' Beneficial Owners to Support Banking Sector Soundness; B. Fiscal Policy; C. Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy; D. Structural Policies; CAPACITY TO REPAY THE FUND; STAFF APPRAISAL; 3. Risk Assessment Matrix; FIGURE; 1. Selected Economic Indicators Under the Baseline and Active Scenario, 2012-19; TABLES; 1. Selected Economic Indicators, 2009-19; 2. Balance of Payments, 2010-193A. General Government Budget, 2009-193B. General Government Budget, 2009-19; 4. Accounts of the National Bank of Moldova and Monetary Survey, 2009-14; 5. Financial Soundness Indicators, 2009-14; 6. Indicators of Fund Credit, 2009-20; ANNEXES; I. Trade Restrictions; II. Public Sector Wages; III. Strengthening the Fiscal Framework