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PRINCE2 for beginners, from introduction to passing your foundation exam /, Colin Bentley

PRINCE2 for beginners, from introduction to passing your foundation exam /, Colin Bentley
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PRINCE2 for beginners
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Colin Bentley
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from introduction to passing your foundation exam /
Thinking about using PRINCE2 to manage your projects or preparing for PRINCE2 training? Need a rounded introduction to help you get to grips with the basics?PRINCE2 For Beginners: from introduction to passing your Foundation exam is the perfect start. This readable end-to-end explanation is simple enough to introduce you to the basics, yet includes everything you need to know to get through the foundation exam. This new concise edition starts from a more accessible level than other detailed manuals or brief refreshers and will help ease you into the topic and put the method into a real-world context.This new concise edition now includes more support for the Foundation exam, including a student guide to the exam itself, sample answers and explanations. Whether you are looking for a reliable introduction or a quick reference to prepare you for PRINCE2 training and study, PRINCE2 For Beginners will give you the grounding to take your knowledge and application to the next level
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- An overview of PRINCE2 -- Starting up a project (SU) -- Initiating a project (IP) -- Directing a project (DP) -- Controlling a stage (CS) --Managing product delivery (MP) -- Managing a stage boundary (SB) -- Closing a project (CP) -- Business case -- Organization -- Plans -- Progress -- Quality -- Risk -- Change -- Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment -- Appendix A product descriptions -- Appendix B project management team roles -- Appendix C product-based planning -- Appendix D quality review passing the PRINCE2 foundation Exam -- Index
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