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International climate change law and policy, cultural legitimacy in adaptation and mitigation, edited by Thoko Kaime

International climate change law and policy, cultural legitimacy in adaptation and mitigation, edited by Thoko Kaime
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International climate change law and policy
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edited by Thoko Kaime
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Routledge Research in International Environmental Law
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cultural legitimacy in adaptation and mitigation
"Climate change poses fundamental and varied challenges to all communities internationally. Adaptation and mitigation strategies proposed by governments and non-governmental organisations often require radical shifts in socio-political structures, technological and economic systems, organisational forms, and modes of regulation. The success of these proposed measures hinges on their acceptability within their local constituencies, which underlines the importance of better comprehending the role of cultural legitimacy in the choice of international interventions aimed at tackling the impact of climate change. This book brings together expert perspectives from different disciplines on the issue of international climate change law and policy. Each discussion explores the premise that critiques of the legitimacy of international climate change regulation have the capacity to positively influence policy trends and legal choices. Chapters range from theoretical evaluations to specific case-studies, and include such topics as land use planning, indigenous peoples in international environmental negotiations, transnational advocacy networks, and community-based forestry management. The book will be of great interest to students and researchers of environmental law, international law and environmental studies"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Notes on contributors; 1 Cultural legitimacy and international law and policy on climate change: an introduction; Part I; 2 Cultural legitimacy of mitigation and adaptation to climate change: an analytical framework; 3 Cultural legitimacy and regulatory transitions for climate change: a discursive framework; 4 Climate change action 'got 'tween the lawful sheets'; Part II; 5 Indigenous peoples in international environmental negotiations: evidence from biodiversity and climate change6 Voluntary social movements and sufficiency policies for climate change adaptation7 The behaviour imperative: unlocking the potential of everyday change to reduce global carbon emissions; 8 Perceptions of climate risk in the South Saskatchewan River Basin, Canada and impacts on climate policy choice; 9 Transnational advocacy networks in international climate policy: the challenge of raising the voices of the marginalised effectively without compromising their legitimacy; 10 Incentives and the culture of recycling11 Institutional rules in action: a multi-level analysis of Costa Rica's payments for environmental services programme12 Final word: democracy, legitimacy and international climate change law and policy; Index
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