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Global activism reader, edited by Luc Reydams

Global activism reader, edited by Luc Reydams
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Global activism reader
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edited by Luc Reydams
Global Activism Reader is a unique collection of essays on the various causes, actors, and strategies in transnational social mobilization and counter-mobilization. Beginning with concepts and definitions, the reader offers some historical perspective before focusing on contemporary transnational activism. This core section includes major causes or issue areas and specific campaigns. Readings on any given issue or campaign always include a critical or dissident voice. Weaving theory with case studies, the work discusses labor, the environment, human rights, womenʹs rights, arms control and disarmament, and social justice and democracy. In addition, a companion website features for each chapter suggestions for further readings, films, documentaries, and activist websites. -- Description from (Oct. 10, 2011)
Table Of Contents
Social movements, NGOs, and networks / Mary Kaldor -- Transnational advocacy networks in the movement society / Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink -- The rise and fall of transnational civil society : the evolution of international non-governmental organizations since the mid-nineteenth century / Thomas Richard Davies -- Transatlantic activism in the eighteenth century : the anti-slavery movement / Huw T. David -- Transnational humanitarian heroes in the early twentieth century : the Congo reform movement -- William E. DeMars -- Transnational pioneers : the international labor movement / Dan Gallin -- Labour rights as human rights : regulation in the context of a "Thinned" national state / Gay W. Seidman -- The power of norms versus the norms of power : transnational civil society and human rights / Thomas Risse -- Civil society and the international criminal court / Johan D. van der Vyner -- Human rights NGOs : a critical evaluation / Makau Mutua -- The global women's movement : origins, issues and strategies / Peggy Antrobus -- Contesting women's rights : charting the emergence of a transnational conservative counter-network / Louise Chappell -- Spinning the green web : transnational environmentalism / Wendy E.F. Torrance and Andrew W. Torrance -- Transnational policy networks and the role of advocacy scientists : from ozone layer protection to climate change / Reiner Grundmann -- Challenging global warming as a social problem : an analysis of the conservative movement's counter-claims / Aaron M. McCright and Riley E. Durlap -- Banning the bomb / David Cortright -- The Ottawa process : nine-day wonder or a new model for disarmament negotiations? / Maurice Bleicher -- Assessing the small arms movement : the trails and tribulations of a transnational metwork / Suzette R. Grillot, Criag S. Stapley, and Molly E. Hanna -- Before Seattle : the historical roots of the current movement against corporate-led globalization / Robin Broad and Zahara Heckscher -- Reclaiming the commons / Naomi Klein -- Creating spaces for global democracy : the world social forums process / Jackie Smith -- Is another world possible? Problems and shortcomings of the world social forum / Owen Worth and Karen Buckley
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