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Regional innovation impact of universities, Robert Tijssen, John Edwards, Koen Jonkers

Regional innovation impact of universities, Robert Tijssen, John Edwards, Koen Jonkers
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Regional innovation impact of universities
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Robert Tijssen, John Edwards, Koen Jonkers
"Driven by European Union policy challenges, this cutting-edge book focuses upon the Regional Innovation Impact (RII) of universities, to analyse the socioeconomic impact that universities in Europe have on their hometowns, metropolitan areas and regions. By developing a conceptual model of RII, and by applying a mixed-method 'narrative with numbers' analytical framework, the case studies presented in this book describe the RII potential and performance of twenty research-active universities throughout Europe. The findings and lessons learned are framed within the context of RII-related policy challenges within the European Commission, and possible EC funding instruments for incentivising RII within universities. Key features include an analysis of EU policy instruments and assessment frameworks for regional leadership, human capital development and knowledge transfer. Insightful and original, the lessons provided within this book will be beneficial to European, national and regional policy makers interested in approaches to incentivise universities to contribute more to regional innovation systems. It will also be of interest to university leaders and administrators who wish to develop strategies to orient their organisations towards increasing their RII"--, Provided by publisher
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Contents: Foreword -- preface -- Part I: Regional innovation impact: An Introduction 1. Universities in Europe and local engagement -- 2. Rii analytical framework -- 3. The bigger picture -- Part II: Rii case studies -- 4. Case studies of universities in Europe -- 5. Regional orientation, strategic development and knowledge infrastructure -- 6. Education and human resources development -- 7. Research, knowledge creation and technology transfer -- 8. Support to enterprise development and entrepreneurship education -- Part III: Towards implementation -- 9. Realities and complexities of rii analytics and assessment -- 10. Policy development and strategic implications -- 11. Final reflections -- Part IV: Appendices: University self-appraisal reports -- Index
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