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Youth employment initiative (YEI) in Croatia, in-depth analysis

Youth employment initiative (YEI) in Croatia, in-depth analysis
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Youth employment initiative (YEI) in Croatia
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in-depth analysis
The paper provides analysis of recent developments in youth (un)employment. It presents specific features of policies to fight youth unemployment in Croatia including the use of EU funding. Youth unemployment is declining, but the overall youth activity rate remains rather low. The Youth Guarantee has had an impact on national policy design showing a recent shift from employment-oriented ALMPs to more preventive and systemic measures with a view to guidance provision, skills upgrading and matching. This pattern is reflected in the profile of measures under the YEI. Like many other countries, Croatia implemented the YEI with some delay. In 2016, one in four young people participating in an ALMP (Active Labour Market Programme) was funded through the YEI
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