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Subcultures, popular music and social change, edited by The Subcultures Network

Subcultures, popular music and social change, edited by The Subcultures Network
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Subcultures, popular music and social change
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edited by The Subcultures Network
Style-based subcultures, scenes and tribes have pulsated through the history of social, economic and political change. From 1940s zoot-suiters and hepcats; through 1950s rock ’n’ rollers, beatniks and Teddy boys; 1960s surfers, rudeboys, mods, hippies and bikers; 1970s skinheads, soul boys, rastas, glam rockers, funksters and punks; on to the heavy metal, hip-hop, casual, goth, rave, hipster and clubber styles of the 1980s, 90s, noughties and beyond; distinctive blends of fashion and music have become a defining feature of the cultural landscape. Research into these phenomena has traversed the social sciences and humanities, and Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change assembles important theoretical interventions and empirical studies from this rich, interdisciplinary field. Featuring contributions from major scholars and new researchers, the book explores the historical and cultural significance of subcultural styles and their related music genres. Particular attention is given to the relation between subcultures and their historical context, the place of subcultures within patterns of cultural and political change, and their meaning for participants, confederates and opponents. As well as Anglo-American developments, the book considers experiences across a variety of global sites and locales, giving reference to issues such as class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, creativity, commerce, identity, resistance and deviance
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Subcultures, popular music and social change: theories, issues and debates / Bill Osgerby -- Subcultural theory in France: a missed rendez-vous? / Chris Warne -- "It's where you come from that makes you who you are": suburban youth and social class / Andrew Branch -- Youth culture and the internet: a subculture or post-subcultural phenomena? / Andy Bennett -- "A harmonizing whole"? Music, mass observation and the interwar public house / Stella Moss -- Neo-burlesque: striptease, subculture and self-commodification / Saphron Hastie -- Ambitious outsiders: Morrissey, fandom and iconography / Lee Brooks -- Subcultural entrance practices in UK punk culture, 1976-2001 / Alastair Gordon -- Staring at the rudeboys: the representation of youth subcultures in Gautam Malkani's Londstani and John King's Skinheads / Nick Bentley -- The Stax/Volt revue and soul music fandom in 1960s Britain / Joe Street -- 1968 underground: West German radicals between subculture and revolution / Timothy Scott Brown -- "The lad is always right": street youth groups in Russia as local elites / Svetlana Stephenson -- An exploration of deviance, power and resistance within contemporary Cuba: the case of Cuban underground rap / Eleni Dimou
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