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European contract law - the way foward?, report with evidence

European contract law - the way foward?, report with evidence
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European contract law - the way foward?
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report with evidence
"The Commission’s recent Communication “European Contract Law and the revision of the acquis: the way forward” takes forward the Commission’s plans for European Contract Law. The Commission has embarked on an ambitious programme of work. Its most important element is the preparation of a Common Frame of Reference (the CFR), which will set out “legal terms, fundamental principles and coherent model rules of contract law”. The CFR is primarily intended to be used as a “toolbox” to improve existing Community contract law (the acquis—mainly consumer protection Directives) and the drafting of future measures. The Commission is also promoting European-wide standard terms and conditions (STCs) to assist business throughout the EU. In this Report we examine the Commission’s proposals in detail. In particular we consider the claims made for the CFR and the implications of the CFR for the revision of the acquis and for better regulation in the future
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