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Populism, eco-populism, and the future of environmentalism, James R. Stone

Populism, eco-populism, and the future of environmentalism, James R. Stone
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Populism, eco-populism, and the future of environmentalism
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James R. Stone
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Routledge Research in Environmental Policy and Politics
"Populism, Eco-populism, and the Future of Environmentalism analyzes the history and language of populism in order to fully comprehend the threat of eco-fascism - paradoxically revealing that it is possible for there to be both progressive eco-populist and right-wing sham eco-populist discourses. The book highlights the harrowing prospect that the crises of democracy now confronting countries such as the United States may culminate in forms of eco-fascism in a world increasingly divided over issues of economic and social inequality, immigration, and competition for dwindling resources. The author reveals that there is a language of eco-populism that accompanies populist and sham populist discourse of the left and right as ecological crises have assumed a more prominent role in national and global politics. These crises are exacerbated by the willingness of the fossil fuel industry to destabilize democracy in order to forestall government-imposed limits on carbon emissions and elimination of fossil fuel subsidies that threaten their profits. The book, primarily a work of political and ecological theory, draws on the history of populism as well as the history of conservation and modern environmental movements to make an innovative argument - that a radical form of right-wing sham eco-populism that emerged out of the crucible of the energy crisis and recession of the 1970s has substantially contributed to the crises we now face. The author maintains that the only plausible solution to current political and ecological crises is a progressive eco-populism that combines environmental justice and sustainability with economic and social justice, and offers resources that can help construct a democratic and inclusive movement and culture. A progressive eco-populist vision has led to proposals for a Green New Deal and the development of the Build Back Better Act currently being considered by the U.S. Congress, but the stalemate between progressive and conservative Democrats over the bill reveals both the compromised state of U.S. representative democracy and the need for a stronger movement to hold politicians and government accountable. This book will be of great interest to students, scholars, and researchers of environmental politics, environmental history, and environmental philosophy, as well as sociology, political science, and history"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover -- Half Title -- Series -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- List of Figures -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: The Fire This Time -- Part I The Meaning of Populism -- 1 The Renewed Relevance of Populism -- 2 The Language of Populism -- Part II Discourses of Eco-Populism and Sham Eco-Populism -- 3 Right-Wing Sham Eco-Populism -- 4 The Right-Wing Sham Eco-Populism of Donald J. Trump -- 5 Progressive Eco-Populism -- Part III The Green Democratic Future That Is Possible -- 6 The Promise of a Green New Deal -- Conclusion: Toward a Progressive Eco-Populist Majority -- Index

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