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Christian democracy and labour after World War II, Cecilia Maria Bravi, Andrea Maria Locatelli (eds.)

Christian democracy and labour after World War II, Cecilia Maria Bravi, Andrea Maria Locatelli (eds.)
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non fiction
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Christian democracy and labour after World War II
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Cecilia Maria Bravi, Andrea Maria Locatelli (eds.)
Series statement
Travail et Société / Work and Society Series, v.87
This book discusses the labour vision developed by Christian Democratic-oriented parties and associations in the second half of XXI Century, in relation to the democratic and republican choice and capitalistic development. These historical readings offer the opportunity to understand convergences but also differences among the experiences
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Copyright Information -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- Building Western Democracies: The Role of Labour. Some Examples of Christian Democrats' Initiative after World War II (Cecilia Maria Bravi, Andrea Maria Locatelli) -- Introduction -- Democracy and the Parabola of Democratic Regimes since the Second World War (Lorenzo Ornaghi) -- Section I Christian Democrats and Social Changes -- Young Christian Workers, Labour and Democracy. Some Reflections from Italy in the Sixties (Marta Busani) -- The Young Christian Workers Movement and the Radicalization of Social Conflict in Mediterranean Europe (Guido Panvini) -- Section II Christian Workers and Trade Unions -- Labour Citizenship and Trade Unions in Pluralistic Democracies: The Mario Romani's Theory (Aldo Carera) -- Searching Better Working Conditions and a New Workers' Role in the Italian Industry: The FIM in Eastern Lombardy during the Fifties and Sixties (Paolo Tedeschi) -- The Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee: The Concept and Practice of "Industrial Mission" in a Complex Socio-Economic Setting (James Douglas Thwaites) -- Section III Enterprises and Human Resources -- Christian Democracy and the "Independent Workers" in Belgium (1945-1975). Modelling a Policy for Shopkeepers and Artisans in the Welfare State (Peter Heyrman) -- The Christian Democratic Party and the Policies for the Craft Sector in Italy in the Fifties (Anna Pina Paladini) -- Section IV Politics and Labour -- The MRP, a French Christian Democratic Party: Social Reforms, Crisis and Republican Acculturation (Isabelle Clavel) -- Carlo Donat-Cattin from the "Miracle" to Autunno caldo (1958-1970): A Figure of Progressive Christian Democracy (Marcello Reggiani) -- Conclusions -- Issues and Questions of Labour, Democracy and Social Justice (Aldo Carera) -- Indice dei nomi -- Series Index

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