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The economy of Ireland, national and sectoral policy issues, edited by John O'Hagan and Carol Newman

The economy of Ireland, national and sectoral policy issues, edited by John O'Hagan and Carol Newman
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The economy of Ireland
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edited by John O'Hagan and Carol Newman
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national and sectoral policy issues
The twelfth edition of this popular book surveys all major changes in the Irish economy in the past fifteen years, with particular emphasis on the last five years. In this new edition, the authors examine: * The broad historical context to a study of the economy. * Ireland's hard landing, recovery and prospects for economic growth and employment in the years ahead. * Energy and the environment, in particular the issue of security of supply. * The changing role of the state in policymaking and the increasing importance of euro-zone governance and institutions, especially in the monetary area. * Taxation in all its dimensions, including the issue of national debt. * The importance of competitiveness as a major policy objective. * The changing emphasis on quality-of-life indicators and distribution as objectives of policy. * The role of regulation in various areas of the economy and society. * Employment, unemployment and migration challenges facing Ireland. * Evidence on and policy issues relating to income and wealth. * The internationally traded sectors of manufacturing and services. * The importance of the health and education sectors, the rationale for state intervention and measures of effectiveness * The importance of the agri-food sector in terms of production, distribution and food safety
Table Of Contents
Section I: Policy background -- 1. Historical background / Jonathan Haught -- 2: Policy objectives and competitiveness for a regional economy / Dermot McAleese -- Section II: Policy implementation -- 3. Role of government: rationale, levels and size / Philip Lane Chapter -- 4. Taxation, debt and the public finances / Micheal Collins -- 5. Regulation and competition policy / Francis O'Toole -- Section III: Policy issues at a national level -- 6. Population, migration and employment / John O'Hagan and Tara McIndoe -- 7: Growth in output and living standards / Jonathan Haughton -- 8. Social justice: distribution, poverty and policy responses / Michael King -- Section IV: Policy issues in the market sector -- 9. Manufacturing and internationally trade services / Carol Newman -- 10: Energy and the environment / Eleanor Denny -- 11. The agri-food sector / Alan Matthews -- Section V: Policy issues in th non-market sector -- 12: Health: funding, access and efficiency / Anne Nola Chapter -- 13: Education: market failure and government interventions / Carol Newman
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