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Patterns of exploitation, understanding migrant worker rights in advanced democracies, Anna Boucher

Patterns of exploitation, understanding migrant worker rights in advanced democracies, Anna Boucher
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Patterns of exploitation
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Anna Boucher
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understanding migrant worker rights in advanced democracies
Numbering an estimated 164 million globally, migrant workers are an essential component of contemporary businesses. Despite their number and indispensability in the global economy, migrant workers frequently lack the legal protections enjoyed by other workers. In Patterns of Exploitation, Anna K. Boucher looks at workplace violations across four major immigration countries: the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Incorporating interviews, the Migrant Worker Rights Database, and in-depth analysis of court cases, Boucher uses legal storytelling to document individual migrant experiences and assess the patterns of exploitation that emerge in case narratives. This unique mixed-methods approach provides a novel understanding of migrant workplace violations across a variety of immigration contexts
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Acknowledgements Introduction 1. What is exploitation? 2. "A member of the family?": Gender, Domestic Work, and Violations 3. Ethnicity, Race, Country of Origin, and the Challenges of Anti-discrimination Claims for Migrant Workers 4. A Fatal Fall: Workplace Death, Injury, and Employment5. Labor Rights or Immigration Enforcement?: Conflict in Protecting Undocumented Migrant Workers6. Regulation and Migrant Vulnerability: The Role of Visas in Workplace Violations7. Decertification, Black-listing, and Circular Migration: The Challenges of Trade Union Representation for Migrant Workers8. Strategic or General Enforcement of Migrant Worker Rights Conclusion: Understanding the Patterns of Migrant Exploitation Interview schedule References
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