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Peace Infrastructures and State-Building at the Margins, by Balázs Áron Kovács

Peace Infrastructures and State-Building at the Margins, by Balázs Áron Kovács
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non fiction
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Peace Infrastructures and State-Building at the Margins
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by Balázs Áron Kovács
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Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies,, 2752-857X
This book offers a critical examination of ‘infrastructures for peace’, originally proposed as a framework of conflict transformation. Through an exploration of the statist ideological underpinnings of peace-building, it traces how the concept was transformed by institutional actors – international organisations and states – into a tool to further the state-building goals of liberal peace-building. Balázs Áron Kovács is the manager of the Philippines programme of forumZFD, a German NGO working on conflict transformation. He is based in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines. Dr Kovacs’s research in the field of critical peace and conflict studies focuses on state-society interactions in the context of peace- and state-building
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 – Preface -- Part I – Peacebuilding-as-statebuilding – A Landscape -- Chapter 2 – Peace-building -- Chapter 3 – State-building -- Chapter 4 – State Formation, the Local and Hybridity -- Chapter 5 – Peace Infrastructures -- Part II – Peaceful and Prosperous Communities -- Chapter 6 – Manila: Designing Peaceful and Prosperous Communities – The PAMANA Framework -- Chapter 7 – Sorsogon: Field Research Findings -- Chapter 8 – Back in Manila: PAMANA – Peace-building, State-building and the Contested State -- Chapter 9 – Whither Peace Infrastructures?
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