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Rethinking law and language, the flagship 'speech', Jan M. Broekman

Rethinking law and language, the flagship 'speech', Jan M. Broekman
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Rethinking law and language
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Jan M. Broekman
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Rethinking Law
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the flagship 'speech'
The 'law-language-law' theme is deeply engraved in Occidental culture, more so than contemporary studies on the subject currently illustrate. This insightful book creates awareness of these cultural roots and shows how language and themes in law can be richer than studying a simple mutuality of motives. Focusing on the multilevel phenomenon of 'speech', Jan M. Broekman explores the history of this theme, from the West-European Middle Ages, through to today's globalization. Existing philosophical concepts are studied for their views on 'alter', other and otherness in speech, alongside scientific approaches including 'semiotics', 'structuralism' and, in particular, 'legal consciousness'. This state-of-the-art book unveils today's problems with the two faces of language: the analog and the digital, on the basis of which our smart phones and Artificial Intelligence create modern life. Innovative and explorative, Rethinking Law and Language will be of value to law scholars, social scientists and psychologists alike. The investigation of professional language and the impact of digital communication on social relations will also appeal to judges and other officials as well as politicians
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Contents: 1. Rethinking speech -- 2. Hobbes' frontispiece -- 3. Von Savigny's 'people' -- 4. Signs signify -- 5. Structuralism and law -- 6. Alter's presence -- 7. -- What language, what law? -- 8. Word, seme, digit -- 9. The flagship's wreckage -- References -- Index
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