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International perspectives on leadership in higher education, critical thinking for global challenges, edited by Jill Jameson

International perspectives on leadership in higher education, critical thinking for global challenges, edited by Jill Jameson
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International perspectives on leadership in higher education
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edited by Jill Jameson
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critical thinking for global challenges
"There is an increasing pressure for leading universities to perform well in competitive global and national ranking systems. In recognising the increasingly challenging nature of the role of leadership within higher education, this book studies the complexity involved in the development and upkeep of good higher education provision. Using international case studies it explores the extent to which critical thinking on global challenges is employed by higher education leaders and the potential for an increase in the role of critical thinking and its creative potential to transform institutions and communities"--, Provided by publisher
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Leadership and critical thinking: oxymoron and a feasible utopia / Professor Ronald Barnett -- Critical thinking in leadership: leading change in complex contexts / Francia Kinchington -- Europe: Spain: the Cooperative University of Mondragon / Professor Rebecca Boden -- UK/England: collaboration and collegiality in university leadership / Professor Rob Cuthbert -- The United States: leadership in US public research universities: design-based strategies and academic organisation / Professor Jarrett Warsaw -- Colombia: the evolution of critical leadership in higher education: a case-study of transformation in the city of Medellin / Professor Robin Middlehurst and Dr Tom Kennie -- Europe: Estonia: critical leadership thinking in intrapreneurship education in Europe: the case of Estonia / Dr Mart Kikas and Professor Olav Aarna -- Europe: Ukraine: the crisis of Ukrainian higher education reform: moving towards a trauma informed understanding / Dr Nataliya L. Rumyantseva, Professor Olena I. Logvynenko and Elena V. Chilina -- Australia: global challenges, diversity and feminism in critical university leadership / Professor Jill Blackmore -- Global leadership insights on critical and creative thinking: reflecting on the work of professor N.J. Adler, McGill University, Canada / Professor Jill Jameson
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