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Border and Behind-the-Border Trade Barriers and Country Exports, Azim Sadikov

Border and Behind-the-Border Trade Barriers and Country Exports, Azim Sadikov
How do signatures required for exporting and business registration procedures affect the volume and composition of country's exports? To answer this question, I develop a model where a country can export two types of products: differentiated and homogeneous. I show that export signatures and registration procedures reduce overall exports by increasing transaction costs. The impact, however, varies across goods according to the product's degree of differentiation- the lack of price data on differentiated products due to their heterogeneity makes them more sensitive to export signatures. Regressions show that each extra signature exporters have to collect before a shipment can take place reduces aggregate exports by 4.2 percent. The impact is large, equivalent to raising importer's tariff by 5 percentage points. Furthermore, each signature lowers exports of differentiated products by 4-5 percent more than exports of homogeneous goods. I find evidence that business registration procedures affect exports of differentiated products only
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Border and Behind-the-Border Trade Barriers and Country Exports
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Azim Sadikov
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Contents; I. Introduction; II. Modeling trade facilitation and country exports; III. Estimation Approach; IV. Data; V. Results; VI. Concluding remarks; References; Tables; 1. Descriptive statistics: High-income countries.; 2. Descriptive statistics: Upper-middle-income countries.; 3. Descriptive statistics: Lower-middle-income countries; 4. Descriptive statistics: Low-income countries; 5. Regressions. Aggregate Bilateral Exports; 6. Regressions. Differentiated vs. Homogeneous Products: Pooled Data; 7. Regressions. Differentiated vs. Homogeneous Products8. Regressions. Differentiated vs. Homogeneous Products9. Regressions. Differentiated vs. Homogeneous Products; 10. Regressions. Oil and Nonoil Exporters
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