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Copyright perspectives, past, present and prospect, Brian Fitzgerald, John Gilchrist, editors

Copyright perspectives, past, present and prospect, Brian Fitzgerald, John Gilchrist, editors
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Copyright perspectives
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Brian Fitzgerald, John Gilchrist, editors
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past, present and prospect
This book provides international and domestic perspectives on the law of copyright and is led by a foreword on the future of copyright by Dr Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO and a chapter on the lessons for copyright policy in classical Roman law, by Justice Arthur Emmett. The body of this collection covers current perspectives in the digital age, from the application of the Berne Convention, to time shifting and intermediary copyright liability, as well as perspectives from developing and developed countries covering laws, user rights, open access, government use of copyright material and the use of the criminal law to proscribe copyright infringement
Table Of Contents
Foreword : The Future of Copyright / Francis Gurry -- Address of Victor Hugo to the International Literary Congress, Paris 1878 translation / Mary and Benedict Atkinson -- Limitless Information / Benedict Atkinson and Brian Fitzgerald -- Roman Law, Private Property and the Public Domain: Lessons for Copyright Policy / Arthur Emmett -- Country of Origin and Internet Publication: Applying the Berne Convention in the Digital Age / Brian Fitzgerald ... [et al.] -- An Islamic Perspective on the Theories of Intellectual Property / Ezieddin Elmahjub -- IP and Development : A Road Map for Developing Countries in the 21st Century / Rami Olwan and Brian Fitzgerald -- Evolution and Future Trends of Copyright Law in Nigeria / Kunle Ola -- Copyright, Fair Use and the Australian Constitution / Kylie Pappalardo and Brian Fitzgerald -- The Crown Use of Copyright Material / John Gilchrist -- Open Content Licensing of Public Sector Information and the Risk of Tortious Liability for Australian Governments / Cheryl Foong -- Duty and Control in Intermediary Copyright Liability: An Australian Perspective / Kylie Pappalardo -- Time Shifting in a Networked Digital World: Optus TV and Copyright in the Cloud / Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi -- The Development of Copyright Offences in Australia / Steven Gething -- Afterword : Is Copyright Reform Impossible? / Ian Hargreaves
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