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Airline e-Commerce, log on. take off, Michael Hanke

Airline e-Commerce, log on. take off, Michael Hanke
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Airline e-Commerce
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Michael Hanke
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log on. take off
Since the first few airline tickets that were sold online in December 1995, global online travel has grown to generate half a trillion dollars in annual revenue. This development has brought significant changes to the airline business, travel markets, and consumers. Today, airlines worldwide not only use e-commerce for online marketing and selling but also as a platform to offer unique services and capabilities that have no counterpart in the physical world. This book is an in-depth introduction to airline e-commerce. It covers a broad scope of areas that are essential to an airline's ongoing digital transformation: * E-Products * E-marketing * E-Sales and Distribution * Web Customer Service * E-Commerce Organizations * E-Commerce Strategy Written by an airline e-commerce expert and illustrated with numerous examples of leading airlines in this area, Dr. Hanke provides unprecedented 'behind-the-scenes' details of how airline e-commerce works. This book is a crucial companion for both students and practitioners alike because it allows the reader to acquire a thorough foundation of airline e-commerce. Furthermore, the book enables the reader to appreciate the competitive ramifications of airline e-commerce within certain corporate areas and to take effective action for a successful e-commerce strategy
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction -- 2. Digital airline e-commerce properties in airline e-commerce -- 3. Airline e-marketing -- 4. Airline e-sales & distribution -- 5. Multi-channel customer service fror web travelers: a guide & how to optimize it -- 6. The airline e-commerce organization -- 7. Airline e-commerce strategy
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