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The Social Sciences in the Looking Glass, Studies in the Production of Knowledge

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The Social Sciences in the Looking Glass, Studies in the Production of Knowledge
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non fiction
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The Social Sciences in the Looking Glass
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Studies in the Production of Knowledge
"In recent years, social scientists have turned their critical lens on the historical roots and contours of their disciplines, including their politics and practices, epistemologies and methods, institutionalization and professionalization, national development and colonial expansion, globalization and local contestations, and their public presence and role in society. The Social Sciences in the Looking Glass offers current social scientific perspectives on this reflexive moment in the social sciences. Examining sociology, anthropology, philosophy, political science, legal theory, and religious studies, the volume's contributors outline the present transformations of the social sciences, explore their connections with critical humanities, analyze the challenges of alternate paradigms, and interrogate recent endeavors to move beyond the human. Throughout, the authors, who belong to half a dozen disciplines, trace how the social sciences are thoroughly entangled in the social facts they analyze, and are key to helping us understand the conditions of our world. Contributors. Chitralekha, Jean-Louis Fabiani, Didier Fassin, Johan Heilbron, Miriam Kingsberg Kadia, Kristoffer Kropp, Nicolas Langlitz, John Lardas Modern, Álvaro Morcillo Laiz, Amín Perez, Carel Smith, George Steinmetz, Peter D. Thomas, Bregje van Eekelen, Agata Zysiak"--, Provided by publisher
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Introduction: Toward a social science of the social sciences / Didier Fassin and George Steinmetz -- Concept-quake : from the history of science to the historical sociology of social science / George Steinmetz -- Spaces of real possibilities : counterfactuals and the impact of donors on the social sciences / Álvaro Morcillo Laiz -- The social life of concepts : or, How to study the idea of creativity? / Bregje F. van Eekelen -- Epistemological crises in legal theory : the (ir)rationality of balancing / Carel Smith -- The reinvention of sociology : into the trenches of fieldwork at the time of the Algerian liberation war / Amín Perez -- How sociology shaped postwar Poland and how Stalinization shaped sociology / Agata Zysiak -- The public anthropology of violence in India / Chitralekha -- Challenging objectivity in Japan's long 1968 / Miriam Kingsberg Kadia -- How political commitment delineates social scientific knowledge / Kristoffer Kropp -- Making sense of gobalizing social science / Johan Heilbron -- Critical humanities and the unsettling of the sociological field : is there a French exception? / Jean-Louis Fabiani -- Recovering subalternity in the humanities and social sciences / Peter D. Thomas -- Thinking about cognitive scientists thinking about religion / John Lardas Modern -- Cooperative primates and competitive primatologists : prosociality and polemics in a nonhuman social science / Nicolas Langlitz -- The rise and rise of posthumanism : will it spell the end of the human sciences? / Didier Fassin
Social Sciences in the Looking Glass

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