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Making social democrats, citizens, mindsets, realities : essays for David Marquand, edited by Jeremy Nuttall, Hans Schattle

Making social democrats, citizens, mindsets, realities : essays for David Marquand, edited by Jeremy Nuttall, Hans Schattle
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non fiction
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Making social democrats
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edited by Jeremy Nuttall, Hans Schattle
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Manchester Political Studies
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citizens, mindsets, realities : essays for David Marquand
This text, a collection of essays by some of Britain's leading academics, public intellectuals, and political practitioners, seeks to engage with the 'big picture' of British social democracy, both historical and contemporary, and point to grounds for greater optimism for its future prospects
Table Of Contents
1. Making social democrats / Jeremy Nuttall and Hans Schattle --Part I: Progressive dilemmas: the historical long view --2. Social democracy and the people / Jeremy Nuttall --3. British liberalism in search of ideological recalibration / Michael Freeden --4. A labour of Sisyphus: the quest for a great Labour Party / Andrew Gamble --Part II: Citizenship, republicanism and democracy --5. Globalisation, the breaking and re-making of social democratic citizenship / Hans Schattle --6. A Marquandian moment? The civic republican political theory of David Marquand / Stuart White --7. A union of hearts? Republican social democracy and Scottish nationalism / Ben Jackson --Part III: The principled society: mindsets and values --8. The politics of neighbourliness: social democracy on the home front in Britain during the Second World War / Clare Griffiths --9. As if: contestation, care and the ‘temper of the country’ / Gideon Calder --10. Principles and the progressive alliance in a networked society: what we can learn from 'Marquandism' in the making and unmaking of social democrats / Neal Lawson --11. Progressivism to democratic socialism: the special case of Dr Christopher Addison / Kenneth O. Morgan --Part IV: Prospects, reflections and realities --12. Democracy and social democracy / Tony Wright --13. Social democracy before and after the EU referendum / Lord David Owen --14. From Bodmin Moor to Cardiff Bay: a European education? / David Marquand --15. David Marquand and liberal social democracy / Will Hutton --16. Not just any social democracy: ‘Marquandism’ and the primacy of pluralism and republicanism / Hans Schattle and Jeremy Nuttall
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