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Fish processing, sustainability and new opportunities, edited by G.M. Hall

Fish processing, sustainability and new opportunities, edited by G.M. Hall
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Fish processing
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edited by G.M. Hall
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sustainability and new opportunities
This book seeks to address the challenges facing the international seafood industry via a two pronged approach: by offering the latest information on established technologies and introducing new ideas and technologies. An introductory chapter sets the tone for the book by presenting the background against which fish processing will exist in the near future. Chapter two looks at the environmental and sustainability issues relating to conventional fish processing, including processing efficiency and better use of the outputs currently considered wastes. The impact of mechanisation and computeris
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Fish Processing - Sustainability and New Opportunities; Contents; Preface; Contributors; 1 Introduction: Challenges to the Fish-Processing Industry in a Resource-Starved World; 2 Canning Fish and Fish Products; 3 Preservation by Curing (Drying, Salting and Smoking); 4 Freezing and Chilling of Fish and Fish Products; 5 Surimi and Fish Mince Products; 6 Sustainability Impacts of Fish-Processing Operations; 7 Sustainability of Fermented Fish Products; 8 On-board Fish Processing; 9 Fishmeal Production and Sustainability; 10 Utilization of Fish Processing By-products for Bioactive Compounds11 Life Cycle Assessment of Bulk Packaging Used to Transport Fresh Fish Products: Case StudyIndex
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