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Student clashes on campus, a leadership guide to free speech, Jeffrey C. Sun and George S. McClellan

Student clashes on campus, a leadership guide to free speech, Jeffrey C. Sun and George S. McClellan
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Student clashes on campus
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Jeffrey C. Sun and George S. McClellan
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a leadership guide to free speech
This book unpacks the tension between free speech and the social justice priority to support all students. Drawing on court cases, institutional policies and procedures, and notable campus practices, this book answers the question: How do campus leaders develop interests of social justice and create a campus that is inclusive and inviting of all identities while also respecting students' free speech rights? This useful guide provides insights about the myriad of challenges that campus leaders have faced, along with practical approaches to address these issues on their own campuses. Experts Sun and McClellan interrogate the assumptions, thoughts, events, rules, and actions often at-play when free expression clashes with a college's mission of diversity, inclusion, and social justice. This book helpfully guides campus leaders to consider a series of legal frameworks and promising policies as solutions for balancing social justice and free speech
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Cover; Half Title; Title; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; About the Authors; 1 Overview: The Clashing Interests, Rights, and Responsibilities; 2 The Academic Domain: A Relative Deference to Curricular, Classroom, and Learning Experiences; 3 Chapters and Verse: Free Speech, Inclusion, and Co-Curricular Experiences; 4 Digital Communication: Advancing Technologies, New Challenges, and Free Speech on Campus; 5 Beyond the Campus: Public Policy and Influencing Organizations; 6 Closing Argument: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies; Index
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