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Drone wars, transforming conflict, law, and policy, edited by Peter L. Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg

Drone wars, transforming conflict, law, and policy, edited by Peter L. Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg
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Drone wars
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edited by Peter L. Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg
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transforming conflict, law, and policy
Drones are the iconic military technology of many of today's most pressing conflicts. Drones have captured the public imagination, partly because they project lethal force in a manner that challenges accepted norms and moral understandings. 'Drone wars' presents a series of essays by legal scholars, journalists, government officials, military analysts, social scientists, and foreign policy experts. It addresses drones' impact on the ground, how their use adheres to and challenges the laws of war, their relationship to complex policy challenges, and the ways they help us understand the future of war. The book is a diverse and comprehensive interdisciplinary perspective on drones that covers important debates on targeted killing and civilian casualties, presents key data on drone deployment, and offers new ideas on their historical development, significance, and impact on law and policy
Table Of Contents
Introduction / Peter Bergen and Daniel Rothenberg -- My guards absolutely feared drones : reflections on being held captive for seven months by the Taliban / David Rohde -- The decade of the drone : analyzing CIA drone attacks, casualties, and policy / Peter Bergen and Jennifer Rowland -- Just trust us : the need to know more about the civilian impact of U.S. drone strikes / Sarah Holewinski -- The boundaries of war? Assessing the impact of drone strikes in Yemen / Christopher Swift -- What do Pakistanis really think about drones? / Saba Imtiaz -- It is war at a very intimate level / Drone pilot -- This is not war by machine / Charles Blanchard -- Regulating drones : are targeted killings by drones outside traditional battlefields legal? / William C. Banks -- A move within the shadows : will JSOC's control of drones improve policy? / Naureen Shah -- Defending the drones : Harold Koh and the evolution of U.S. policy / Tara McKelvey -- "Bring on the magic" : using drones in combat / Michael Waltz -- The five deadly flaws of talking about emerging military technologies and the need for new approaches to law, ethics, and war / Peter W. Singer -- Drones and cognitive dissonance / Rosa Brooks -- Predator effect : A phenomenon unique to the War on Terror / Megan Braun -- Disciplining drone strikes : just war in the context of counterterrorism / David True -- World of drones : the global proliferation of drone technology / Peter L. Bergen and Jennifer Rowland -- No one feels safe / "Adam Khan" -- "Drones" : now and what to expect over the next ten years / Werner J.A. Dahm -- From Orville Wright to September 11th : what the history of drone technology says about the future / Konstantin Kakaes -- Drones and the dilemma of modern warfare / Richard Pildes and Samuel Issacharoff -- How to manage drones, transformative technologies, the evolving nature of conflict and the inadequacy of current systems of law / Brad Allenby -- Drones and the emergence of data-driven warfare / Daniel Rothenberg
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