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Love, hate, and the law in Tudor England, the three wives of Ralph Rishton, L. R. Poos.

Love, hate, and the law in Tudor England, the three wives of Ralph Rishton, L. R. Poos.
Love, Hate, and the Law in Tudor England reconstructs the life of Ralph Rishton, a member of the sixteenth-century Lancashire gentry who was a child bridegroom and a serial wife discarder, who bribed church officials to obtain a forged annulment, defrauded a kinsman out of his inheritance, and adroitly manipulated his own and other people's land. The dozens of lawsuits in which the Rishtons were involved, in many different courts, elucidate one family's engagement with law in Tudor England: how they used and misused law, how it shaped their perceptions of rights and mutual obligations, and how it framed litigants' and witnesses' language. Drawing upon trial and estate records, the core of this book is the central narrative of Ralph Rishton and his three wives, of litigiousness and violence, marriage and property, and the pursuit of equitable resolutions to disputes, along with countless smaller narratives that vividly capture a culture in its time and place. Alongside that central narrative, the book uses the Rishton stories as a starting point for analysing child marriage, the construction of memory, and the development of local historical identity through antiquarians and the Victorian and Edwardian local press, demonstrating how-from the time of the Rishtons into the twentieth century-historical narratives were continually reshaped and repurposed
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Love, hate, and the law in Tudor England
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L. R. Poos.
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the three wives of Ralph Rishton
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List of Illustrations -- Maps -- Genealogies -- Figures -- Tables -- List of Abbreviations -- 1. 'Set All Things in a Perfect Order' -- Case Studies -- Duchy, Palatinate, and Courts in Lancashire -- 2. 'His Own Father Was the Cause of His Trouble' -- Rishton Family Histories -- Roger Rishton's Conflicts: Church Kirk, 1536 -- Roger Rishton's Conflicts: Blackburn and Church Kirk, 1542-3 -- Roger Rishton's Conflicts: Duckworth Moor and Church Kirk, 1555 -- More Conflicts -- Resolutions -- 3. 'God Have Mercy of Thy Soul, Wife of Ralph Rishton' -- Ellen Towneley -- Elizabeth Parker -- Lancashire Child Marriage -- 4. 'In Fancy and Love with Ann Stanley' -- John Rishton -- Ann Stanley -- Law's Stories: Plaintiffs and Defendants -- Law's Stories: Deponents -- Law's Stories: Reading Depositions -- 5. 'I Will Keep Him in Suit' -- Litigation: Marriage -- Estate Settlements -- Litigation: Property -- Equity, Conscience, Law -- 6. 'It Would Be a Pity Not to Complete the History' -- Later Rishtons and Religion -- The Afterlife of the Rishton Stories: Antiquaries -- The Afterlife of the Rishton Stories: Newspapers -- Retrospection -- Appendix: A Timeline of Events -- Bibliography -- Index
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