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Social media audits, achieving deep impact without sacrificing the bottom line, Urs E. Gattiker

Social media audits, achieving deep impact without sacrificing the bottom line, Urs E. Gattiker
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non fiction
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Social media audits
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Urs E. Gattiker
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Chandos Social Media Series,, 2050-6821
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achieving deep impact without sacrificing the bottom line
Social media is quickly becoming important to most businesses, but many managers, professionals, and marketing experts are unsure about the practicalities of social media marketing and how to measure success. Social Media Audits gives people dealing with social business in their working life a guide to social media marketing, measurement, and how to evaluate and improve the use of social media in an organizational context. This book consists of three parts, the first of which introduces the reader to concepts and ideas emerging in social media. The second part considers the need to shift from
Table Of Contents
Cover; Social Media Audits: Achieving deep impact without sacrificing the bottom line; Copyright; Contents; List of figures and tables; About the author; Preface; Introduction; I.1 Business context matters; I.2 Where are we going?; Part 1 - Setting the stage, or what it's all about; Setting the stage; 1 Looking under the hood; 1.1 Social media: A workable definition; 1.2 Why context matters; 1.3 Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT); 1.4 Your social media purpose; 1.5 Where we stand; 1.6 Conclusion; References; Appendix 1a Ropes to skip; 2 Who is driving?; 2.1 Social capital2.2 Social sharing2.3 Brand and reputation; 2.4 Do we blast or engage?; 2.5 Why social media can fail us; 2.6 Taking inventory: Skill-sets matter; 2.7 Conclusion; References; Appendix 2a Avoiding the epic fail: Manage your social media engagement; 3 Plan your trip; 3.1 Target audience; 3.2 Improving the customer experience; 3.3 Walk the walk; 3.4 What kinds of interaction help clients most?; 3.5 Shortened URLs have no shelf life; 3.6 The importance of positioning in the purchase cycle; Conclusion; References; Appendix 3a Starting off on the right footPart 2 - Driving with better benchmarks: The data game4 Start your engine; 4.1 Customers can work magic on your staff; 4.2 Strategy; 4.3 What is a workable social media strategy?; 4.4 If necessary, shift strategy; 4.5 Where are we now?; 4.6 E-marketing - paid versus earned media; 4.7 Customers are not always the end-users; 4.8 Know the conversation - and own it; 4.9 The strategy: Saving the client time and/or money; 4.10 Decide which platforms to use; 4.11 Set a budget and give your team the right tools; 4.12 Failure to listen; 4.13 Conclusion; ReferencesAppendix 4a Client focus: Seven fallacies5 Drive: Move beyond impressions; 5.1 What is the purpose of data collection?; 5.2 Using a framework: Business analytics; 5.3 Statistics and type of analysis; 5.4 Variables needed for measurement; 5.5 Finding metrics that suit our data crunching needs; 5.6 Is a picture worth a thousand words?; 5.7 Conclusion; References; Appendix 5a Measurement: When less is more; 6 Quick tune-up; 6.1 Manage and monitor the process cycle; 6.2 Monitor process quality; 6.3 Assess resource adequacy; 6.4 The magic of good service; 6.5 Assess and review performance6.6 Improving processes and performance6.7 Do the numbers really add up?; 6.8 Conclusion; References; Appendix 6a Preparing for the Dakar Rally: The monitoring and analytics journey; Part 3 - With traction and insight, everything is obvious; 7 Case Study - Bakery; 7.1 Purpose of social media use; 7.2 Define your target audience; 7.3 Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken; 7.4 Accelerating the learning curve; 7.5 Strategy and key drivers; 7.6 Assess and review: You cannot beat free; 7.7 Actionable metrics; 7.8 Quality management and improvement; 7.9 Conclusion; ReferencesAppendix 7a Learn to walk before you sprint
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