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Militant Right-Wing Extremism in Putin's Russia, Legacies, Forms and Threats, edited by Jan Holzer, Martin Lareš and Miroslav Mareš

Militant Right-Wing Extremism in Putin's Russia, Legacies, Forms and Threats, edited by Jan Holzer, Martin Lareš and Miroslav Mareš
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Militant Right-Wing Extremism in Putin's Russia
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edited by Jan Holzer, Martin Lareš and Miroslav Mareš
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Post-soviet politics
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Legacies, Forms and Threats
Militancy continues to be characteristic of many supporters of the Russian far right, encompassing a belligerent rhetoric, a strong perception of participants as political warriors and often the use of physical violence. How serious a threat does Russian militant right-wing extremism pose to Russia and the World, and how has the level of threat changed over time? This book addresses this question by exploring right-wing extremism in Russia, its historical context and its resurgence over the past thirty years. Outlining the legacies and forms presented by current right-wing extremism, with a particular focus on militant extremism, it employs a historical, descriptive method to analyse the threats and risks posed. Presented within the framework of research on extremism and political violence related to the Russian political thought, the book outlines the key criteria of identifying threats, such as the level of violence, ability to gain supporters and penetration of governing elites. Primarily aimed at researchers and academics in political science, extremism, security studies and the history of Russia and Eastern, Central and South-East Europe, this book will also be of interest to political journalists and practitioners in international security
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Contents -- List of tables -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Russia's militant right. notes on the historical, systemic and ideological -- Conceptualisation of a specific political actor -- The russian militant right. a historical reflection on a specific political -- Phenomenon -- Militant right-wing extremism from the beginning of the putin era to the war in ukraine (2000-2018) -- Right-wing extremist subculturesin the russian federation -- Terrorism committed by militant russian nationalists and violent racist gangs -- Russian militant nationalism and the war in donbass -- Contemporary pro-putin russian militant nationalism in russia and ukraine -- Contemporary anti-putin militant right-wing nationalism -- Russia¿s support for militant nationalism abroad -- Conclusion: the russian militant right and vladimir v. putin's conservative -- Authoritarianism -- Bibliography -- Index
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