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Angola :, Request for Stand-By-Arrangement

Angola :, Request for Stand-By-Arrangement
This paper discusses a request from Angola for a Stand-By-Arrangement (SBA). The requested SBA aims to support orderly policy adjustments to restore macroeconomic balances and rebuild international reserves. This program also includes a focused reform agenda aimed at medium-term structural issues on which long-term non-oil sector growth will ultimately depend. IMF staff and the authorities have agreed that, while the policy mix should consider all possible instruments geared toward achieving these objectives, fiscal policy should play the lead role in the policy package
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Angola :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Request for Stand-By-Arrangement
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Cover; Contents; I. Context for Program Request; II. Program Discussions; III. Program Modalities; IV. Risks to the Program; V. Staff Appraisal; Tables; 1. Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 2006-14; 2a. Summary of Government Operation, 2006-11; 2b. Summary of Government Operations, 2006-11; 3. Monetary Survey, 2006-11; 4. Monetary Authorities, 2006-11; 5. Balance of Payments, 2006-11; 6. Banking System Financial Soundness Indicators, 2003-09; 7. External Financing Requirements and Sources, 2009-11; 8. Indicators of Capacity to Repay the Fund, 2009-169. Angola Reviews and Disbursements under the Proposed 27-Month Stand-By-Arrangement10. Progress on Public Finance Management and Fiscal Transparency; Figures; 1. Angola in a Cross-Country Perspective, Based on Selected Group of Oil Exporting Countries; 2. Recent Economic Trends; 3. Angola and Comparators, Fiscal Balances; 4. Indicators of Public and Publicly Guaranteed External Debt under Alternative Scenarios, 2009-29; Boxes; 1. Foreign Exchange Auction System; Appendices; I. Letter of Intent; Attachment I. Memorandum of Economic and Financial PoliciesAttachment II. Technical Memorandum of UnderstandingII. Debt Sustainability Update; Annexes; I. Relations with the Fund; II. World Bank-IMF Joint Management Plan; III. Statistical Issues
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