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Asia-Pacific Security Challenges, Managing Black Swans and Persistent Threats, edited by Anthony J. Masys, Leo S.F. Lin

Asia-Pacific Security Challenges, Managing Black Swans and Persistent Threats, edited by Anthony J. Masys, Leo S.F. Lin
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Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index
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non fiction
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Asia-Pacific Security Challenges
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edited by Anthony J. Masys, Leo S.F. Lin
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Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications,, 1613-5113
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Managing Black Swans and Persistent Threats
This edited book examines the contemporary regional security concerns in the Asia-Pacific recognizing the ‘Butterfly effect’, the concept that small causes can have large effects: ‘the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon halfway around the world’.   For many Asia-Pacific states, domestic security challenges are at least as important as external security considerations. Recent events (both natural disasters and man-made disasters) have pointed to the inherent physical, economic, social and political vulnerabilities that exist in the region. Both black swan events and persistent threats to security characterize the challenges within the Asia-Pacific region. Transnational security challenges such as global climate change, environmental degradation, pandemics, energy security, supply chain security, resource scarcity, terrorism and organized crime are shaping the security landscape regionally and globally. The significance of emerging transnational security challenges in the Asia-Pacific Region impact globally and conversely, security developments in those other regions affect the Asia-Pacific region.
Table Of Contents
Complexity and Security: New ways of thinking and seeing -- Risk and Resilience in the Asia-Pacific region: managing the expected, preparing for the unexpected -- Climate Change and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region -- Cybercrime in East and Southeast Asia: The Case of Taiwan -- Natural disasters and health risks of first responders -- The March, 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster – a foreseeable system accident -- The Maori Response to Seismic ‘Swans’ -- Building Energy Resiliency in the Asia Pacific - Providing transition pathways for a more secure and sustainable future -- From Data Modeling to Algorithmic Modeling in the Big Data Era: Water Resources Security in the Asia-Pacific Region under Conditions of Climate Change -- From Gas Explosions to Earthquakes: Case Studies of Disaster Response in Taiwan -- The missing link in the Global Aviation Safety and Security Network: the case of Taiwan -- Universal Participation without Taiwan? A Study of Taiwan’s Participation in the Global Health Governance Sponsored by the World Health Organization -- Dacoity in India: Investigating Thievery and Banditry in the British Raj’s Jewel
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