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Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance, by Z. Isoke

Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance, by Z. Isoke
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Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance
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by Z. Isoke
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The Politics of Intersectionality
Contemporary urban spaces are critical sites of resistance for black women. By focusing on the spatial aspects of political resistance of black women in Newark, this book provides new ways of understanding the complex dynamics and innovative political practices within major American cities
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Cover; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction; 2 Framing Black Women's Resistance: A Black Feminist Intersectional Approach; 3 Making Place in Newark: Neoliberalization and Gendered Racialization in a US City; 4 (Re)Imagining Home: Black Women and the Cultural Production of Blackness in Newark; 5 The Politics of Homemaking:Black Feminist Transformations of a Cityscape; 6 Mobilizing after Murder: Black Women Queering Politics and Black Feminism in Newark; 7 Keepin' Up the Fight: Young Black Feminists and the Hip Hop Convention Movement8 The Audacity to Resist: Black Women, Social Capital, and Black Cultural ProductionAppendix; Notes; Bibliography; Index
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