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Handbook of multilingualism and multilingual communication, edited by Peter Auer and Li Wei

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Handbook of multilingualism and multilingual communication, edited by Peter Auer and Li Wei
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Handbook of multilingualism and multilingual communication
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edited by Peter Auer and Li Wei
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Handbooks of applied linguistics ;, v. 5
Offers an introduction to bilingualism and multilingualism in schools, in the workplace, and in international institutions in a globalized world. This work uses a problem-solving approach and asks broad questions about bilingualism and multilingualism in society, including the question of language acquisition versus maintenance of bilingualism
Table of contents
Introduction to the handbook series / Karlfried Knapp and Gerd Antos -- Preface -- Introduction: Multilingualism as a problem? Monolingualism as a problem? / Peter Auer, Li Wei -- I. Becoming bilingual: 1. Early bilingual and multilingual acquisition / Johanne Paradis -- 2. Multilingualism and the family / Elizabeth Lanza -- 3. Growing up in a multilingual community: Insights from language socialization / Patricia Baquedano-López and Shlomy Kattan -- 4. Becoming bi- or multi-lingual later in life / Jean-Marc Dewaele -- 5. Becoming bilingual through bilingual education / Colin Baker -- II. Staying bilingual: 6. Bilingual children in monolingual schools / J. Normann Jørgensen and Pia Quist -- 7. From minority programmes to multilingual education / Guus Extra -- 8. From biliteracy to pluriliteracies / Ofelia García, Lesley Bartlett and JoAnne Kleifgen -- 9. Multilingualism and Specific Language Impairment (SLI) / Monika Rothweiler -- 10. Measuring bilingualism / Manfred Pienemann and Jörg-U. Kessler -- III. Acting multilingual: 11. Code-switching as a conversational strategy / Joseph Gafaranga -- 12. Mixed codes / Pieter Muysken -- 13. Multilingual forms of talk and identity work / Benjamin Bailey -- 14. Crossing : negotiating social boundaries / Pia Quist and J. Normann Jørgensen -- 15. Bilingual professionals / Dennis Day and Johannes Wagner -- 16. Multilingualism in the workplace / Celia Roberts -- 17. Multilingualism and commerce / David C.S. Li -- IV. Living in a multilingual society: 18. Societal multilingualism: reality, recognition and response / John Edwards -- 19. Multilingualism of autochtonous minorities / Penelope Gardner-Chloros -- 20. Multilingualism of new minorities (in migratory contexts) / Peter Martin -- 21. Multilingualism in ex-colonial countries / Christopher Stroud -- 22. Multilingualism and transnationalism / Monica Heller -- Biographical notes -- Name index -- Subject index

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