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EU Country Cancer Profile, Romania 2023, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

EU Country Cancer Profile, Romania 2023, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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EU Country Cancer Profile
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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
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OECD Economic Surveys: Costa Rica Series
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Romania 2023
Costa Rica recovered well from the pandemic-induced recession. Sustained and resilient export performance continues to support growth, while consumption is hindered by high inflation and unemployment. The fiscal situation improved but remains challenging, requiring sustained efforts to contain spending and boost public sector efficiency for several years
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Intro -- Foreword -- Executive summary -- Costa Rica recovered well but growth prospects are worsening -- The fiscal outlook improved but remains challenging -- Spreading the benefits of integration in international trade -- Improving education and equality of opportunities -- 1 Key Policy Insights -- Costa Rica recovered well but faces substantial challenges -- Growth is mitigated by high inflationary pressures and the global outlook -- The recovery has further progressed -- Financial stability risks appear contained -- Macroeconomic policies can be further strengthened Adapting the monetary policy stance to contain inflation -- Improving debt sustainability and reinforcing the fiscal framework -- Maintaining fiscal prudence is key for debt sustainability -- Raising more revenue and enhancing the redistributive power of tax policy -- Strengthening the fiscal framework -- Improving public debt management -- Strengthening productivity growth -- Boosting productivity through more competition -- Reducing informality: a win-win for productivity and inclusiveness -- Further spreading the benefits of trade integration -- Closing infrastructure gaps Making the most of digitalisation -- Continuing to improve governance and reduce corruption -- Redoubling efforts to improve equality of opportunities -- Upgrading social protection -- Reducing gender inequalities -- Adapting the pension system to ageing -- Transitioning towards net carbon neutrality -- References -- 2 Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training in Costa Rica to better support growth and equity -- Strengthening pre-tertiary education -- Pre-tertiary education does not equip all students with sufficient skills -- Educational attainment could be increased further The quality of education needs to improve -- Inequality in education is high -- Expanding coverage and quality of early childhood education and care services -- Fully implementing the curricula reform -- Better supporting students at risk of educational exclusion -- Improving school infrastructure -- Strengthening the digitalisation of education -- Improving the quality of teachers -- Improving the selection of students accessing programmes in education -- Improving the hiring system -- Strengthening teachers' in-service training -- Strengthening the appraisal process Improving the governance and regulation of Education and Administrative Boards -- Prioritise spending in early stages of education to better support growth and equity -- Improving tertiary education -- Boosting tertiary graduation rates and improving spending efficiency on tertiary education -- Improving access to tertiary education for vulnerable groups -- Making STEM fields more attractive to students, especially women -- Making public university funding more efficient, accountable and transparent -- Improving spending efficiency at public universities -- Broadening the sources of revenues
EU Country Cancer Profile

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