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The Politics of Party Policy, From Members to Legislators, by A. Gauja

The Politics of Party Policy, From Members to Legislators, by A. Gauja
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The Politics of Party Policy
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by A. Gauja
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Understanding Governance
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From Members to Legislators
Examining the complexities and tensions in relations between party members and parliamentarians through an in-depth analysis of the processes that shape the development of party policy in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, this book Presents new evidence on the challenges facing parties in encouraging citizen participation in policy development
Table Of Contents
Contents; List of Figure and Tables; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations and Acronyms; 1 Introduction; 2 Linking Participation and Representation: Intra-Party Policy Development; 3 The Rhetoric and Reality of Policy Development; 4 Arenas for Policy Development; 5 Do Members Participate in Policy Development?; 6 Opening Up the Party and Creating Supporters' Networks; 7 Do Party Leaders and Elites Control the Policy Agenda?; 8 Transferring Policy to the Parliament: The Roles of Elected Representatives; 9 Attitudes to Representation10 Parliamentary Decision-Making and the Implementation of Policy11 Conclusion: Policy-Making in Parties Today; Appendix: Policy Process Diagrams; References; Index
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